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Like mother, like daughters: loving make-up runs in our family!

I love make-up, and have done every since I was a teenager. I love nothing more than trying a new product, although I have curbed my addiction over the past few years as I’ve been trying to only buy natural products as much as possible (there is way less choice). I’m not the only one to like make-up though – here’s Ava a few years ago, putting my blusher on her nose. But if Ava needs some more application practice, Thea really needs some help!

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Beauty Boosts

Beauty on a Budget: 1

Why is it that all your beauty products run out at once? This week I have been spectacularly unlucky: over the past few days my day cream, primer and facial scrub have all run out, I’ve had to cut open my facial cleansing balm to get out the last few day’s worth,  my night cream is feeling suspiciously light and my foundation is running very low too. Argh! January is the worst time for this to happen, right?

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