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Our girls' latest antics: July

Over the past few weeks we have had lots of fun at home. I let the girls loose with the art supplies and was a bit worried about Thea using scissors… but it turned out I should have been more concerned about Ava drawing on her little sister in felt tip! At least they are nice flowers, I suppose! Later that day, they arranged loads of cushions and furniture around the living room rug, to make a ‘classroom’. Ava even started cleaning the TV as if it was a blackboard! She  ...

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My picture in the Huffington Post

I’m very excited to see that a picture from my Instagram feed with the hashtag #WomenIRL has appeared in the Huffington Post! This is the photo I posted, after we’d had a hard day of playing! What you can’t see is the fort Ava has made behind the sofa, out of chairs, a washing basket and an inflatable hop-on bunny. If you’re on Instagram, please follow this account, there are some absolute corkers on there, guaranteed to make you giggle. And thanks to Jessica Samakow  ...

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