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Happy New Year! (And happy birthday to PinksCharming)

Happy New Year! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and welcomed the new year with something sparkly. I woke up with a migraine, and all my New Year’s Eve plans were scuppered. I spent most of the day in bed, and finally managed to crawl to the sofa late afternoon, knowing I’d have trouble sleeping that night if I slept any more. I flaked out about ten o’clock, and then got woken up at midnight by the fireworks outside our house. Oh well, I’ve never been one for New  ...

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One. Of. Those. Days: The benefit of having a Plan B

I had today all planned out: Lazy morning. Do the food shopping. Go to Gamma’s house for lunch to see her, Gampa, and my sister to catch up after their holiday. Meet Rachel and Bonnie there. Have a few hours there and come back home to make dinner. It started OK, but you know what they say about the best laid plans. Yep. It quickly descended into chaos. Ava had already chosen her clothes the night before, and piled them up neatly on her bed. She got herself dressed all by herself,  ...

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Just don't mention the 'S' word.

Ava has been very unsettled the past few weeks, breaking down into floods of tears at the drop of a hat (or more likely her little sister scribbling in her colouring book.) It took me a while to realise why (and a bit of help from my mum!) We thought it was probably school and I’ve asked a few times if she’s feeling OK, but she wouldn’t talk about it, and I didn’t want to press her. Well yesterday the floodgates opened, and she told me she doesn’t want to go to  ...

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I am the Mum who…

Helen from All The Beautiful Things nominated me in the “I am the Mum who…” tag. I’ve been reading other blogger’s lists and there are some really lovely ones (and funny too!) So here is mine: Dear Ava and Thea, I am the Mum who… … Can never get enough ‘cuggles’, even if I do complain that I can’t get anything done with Thea wrapped around me like a koala. … Can’t bear to correct you when you say ‘biscetti’ instead of  ...

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