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Enjoying Some Much Needed Me Time

Ryan has been abroad this week, with work, so I have been a bit too busy to blog. I always dread him going away, as I find it really hard to solo-parent. But this time, it was actually a lot easier than I expected. I wonder if that was because I spent last weekend away from home, doing some things for myself. Maybe having some time out from family life meant I was more relaxed? Though my weekend wasn’t really relaxing, it was pretty full on, but great fun, and reminded me of who I am,  ...

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My Favourite Family

What Ava did next: her Christmas list, and nins and peedles

Ava’s been thinking about Christmas, lately: “I want Santa Claus to bring me a horse. I’ve got Piggy, but I want one with a bottom and four legs, not just one.” Piggy is her  randomly-named hobby horse, who does indeed only have one leg! I found this one in TK Maxx, and although I think she has a full-sized one in mind, I think she will love this mini one. Ava’s also seen an advert for some kind of dog that poos, and comes with a pooper scooper. She keep on  ...

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House to Home, Things I Love

My new favourite shop: HOWKAPOW

I have been obsessing over an amazing copper desk lamp from Howkapow over the past month or two but it was out of stock. I knew it would be perfect for our office, which has a copper theme thanks to the gorgeous light fitting I found (read more here). Well this week, I got a notification to say it was back in stock so I wasted no time ordering,  and it’s here! It was £36.95 and comes in gold, powder pink, white, mint green, and black plus the white and pink versions are in the sale at  ...

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12 Small Parenting Victories That Make You Feel Like You Won The Lottery

1. When your child’s feet fit the sale shoes. 2. Getting the eye drop straight in before they blink. Instead of squirting a few drops over a closed eye and hoping they will blink a bit in. 3. Getting a parent and toddler space at the supermarket. This is a real rarity, due to the amount of selfish idiots using them to save two minutes of walking from a normal space. Because that’s more important than a child’s safety, right? And parents love nothing more than battling to  ...

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