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My Am-Dram childhood

What extra-curricular activities did you do when you were a kid? Football? Swimming lessons? Something else normal? Well we went to an amateur dramatics society. All of us. Here we are in ‘Oliver!’ I think my dad was the Doctor, mum was some kind of housekeeper/workhouse woman (still acting the part in the photo) and us kids were street urchins.

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Ava, My Favourite Family

Ava’s not very keen on Halloween

I think this is probably be the best photo I have ever taken. It was two years ago at Ava’s nursery Halloween disco. It pretty much sums up how I feel about Halloween. Not a popular way of thinking, I’ll admit. I don’t like all the ghosts and spiders and witch decorations that are about at this time of year. I want my house to look pretty, not scary!

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Things I Love

ThrowbackThursday: Car washing in the 80s

I found this cute photo of me and my sister ‘helping’ my dad to wash the car , back in the 80s, for my Throwback Thursday picture. I think all wellies were red in those days, at least all the ones we ever had were. I love our matching sou’westers and puddle suits. Though I’m not sure the hats were really necessary!I really wish this enthusiasm for cleaning had stayed with me!

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Ava, My Favourite Family, Thea, Things I Love

ThrowbackThursday: Is a washing basket the best toy?

Don’t you just love that ‘On This Day’ feature that Facebook has started doing in the past few months? It’s so funny to look back to random status updates and try to remember what they were all about. Today’s was from 2009 and said I’d fulfilled a near-lifetime ambition. Very cryptic! It was short and sweet as I was in New York at the time, having just seen Kylie in a small venue. Best concert ever. I’ve been a fan since the Locomotion days and as  ...

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