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My Favourite Family

Our 10th Wedding Anniversary

Ten years ago, I was excitedly getting my hair and make-up done, ahead of our wedding. My friend Shelley is also my hairdresser, but back then I hadn’t known her that long. She must have thought I was nuts, as my sister presented me with an amazing book that she and my best friends had made for me. I was hysterically laughing at it, whilst poor Shelley was trying to curl my hair. Luckily make-up was later, as I was crying with laughter.

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House to Home, Things I Love

REVIEW: A Personalised Wedding Anniversary Frame

It was our wedding anniversary this week: Dr Pink and I have been married for nine years. But in all that time, we have never printed any of our wedding photos, apart from a tiny one in our downstairs loo. I know, how bad is that? So when Bespoke & Oak Co got in touch about reviewing* something from their site, I thought it would be great to order a picture of us, when we looked our best, on our wedding day. We are not one for big photos of ourselves on our walls, so when I found the  ...

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Things I Love

My 1st Facebook profile picture

I’m not sure what’s going on with everyone changing their profile pictures to their first one. But I like it. Though it does make me realise how long I’ve been addicted… seven and a half years! To begin with, I only went on to Facebook just after my wedding, to see what photos people had taken. And that was the start of a beautiful friendship! Here I am, in my wedding dress, and my wellies.

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