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Christmas Crafting Fun at Make Wrap Mingle

Christmas. Paper. Crafting. Fizz. Doughnuts. Meringues. Could there be a better combination?

Thanks to the gorgeous ladies behind Make Wrap Mingle, I would say no, that is Heaven, right there!

Make Wrap Mingle doughnuts

Ava was dying to dig in!

I took Ava to this special Christmas event at Paper Mill London, (which is an amazing venue, by the way!) where some very talented makers showed us how to make all sorts of Christmas crafts, as well as how to wrap presents.

It wasn’t a children’s event, but I thought Ava would love it, so I took the chance and took her along. Luckily, I was right and she was as happy as a pig in muck, and didn’t want to leave. She was especially fond of this lovely vintage typewriter.Vintage typewriter

What is Make, Wrap, Mingle?

Make, Wrap, Mingle is a crafting event featuring printed textile designer Zeena Shah, stationery exerts Papermash, and design and lifestyle blog Little Big Bell. There are quarterly events running in London so if you’re interested I would follow them to know when the next ones are going to be. I see Zeena has a printing workshop on 23rd January. I went to one of her mini workshops at the Handmade Fair last year and it was brilliant.

Refreshments at Make, Wrap, Mingle

There were some gorgeous treats on offer, and Ava couldn’t believe her luck! As well as lovely cocktails and soft drink alternatives, there were delicious doughnuts and meringues almost too beautiful to eat.

After we’d had a few treats, we had a look round to see what we should make first. Everything looks so pretty, doesn’t it?

Christmas Makes at Make, Wrap, Mingle

Ava made a couple of cute little badges for herself and Thea, and we tried to make pompoms using forks. We were a bit rubbish at that to be honest! Ava’s worked OK but mine just disintegrated. i know where I went wrong though, so I’ll crack it next time… Making a pompom on a fork

Ava decorated a card to send to Thea, and spent quite a while lying under the Christmas tree to get it perfect.Ava colouring under a Christmas Tree at Make Wrap Mingle

I made the envelope using this gizmo:

How to make an envelope at Make Wrap Mingle

We put our own address on the envelope and the girls sent it in the week – Thea was so excited to get some post!

Ava made some gift tags for presents and she was so happy to be let loose with the stamps and stickers – look at her face! They turned out really well and we used them on our presents, and as tags on their stockings. Happy as Larry at Make Wrap Mingle

Ava and I made our own Christmas cracker, with lovely Zeena showing me how…

This time last week I made a #cracker at #makewrapmingle at @papermilllondon Thanks for showing me how @heartzeena 💗

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I also learned how to wrap this present for my friend Hannah – I took it with me as I knew there’d be a chance to learn.

If you’re into making, I’d recommend you follow Zeena on Instagram as she is always posting gorgeous images of things she’s made.

Thanks to Zeena for inviting us – Ava had the time of her life. She’s definitely following in my footsteps and becoming a mini maker. She felt ever so grown up going to this event and I can see her wanting to go to more. Ava standing in front of a colouiblock wall


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