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Our 2016 Christmas Season

We have had so much fun the past few weeks getting ready for Christmas. Last year I found Christmas really stressful, but this year I have been much more organised.  I bought the presents early, and even did most of the wrapping too.

Meeting Father Christmas

We kicked off our Christmas build up by meeting Father Christmas at the Center Parcs’ Winter Wonderland last month. Although it was a little rushed, they did enjoy it a lot. Ava knew he wasn’t the real one but Thea was totally convinced.

The girls met #Santa at @center_parcs_uk #fatherchristmas #santaclaus #christmas

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The girls have been doing lots of Christmas activities at school, including making decorations. This is my favourite from Thea…. Lord a leapingIt’s one of the Ten Lords A Leaping from the song. But a rather creepy version. I promise we haven’t been letting her watch The Mighty Boosh!

I couldn’t get a picture of Ava in her Nativity show as I was on the wrong side of the stage, but I thought ahead and got one of Thea before we went.

Ava’s school held a carol service at the local church. I took Thea and she was really excited about going. When we got there, she said “This is church! This is boring!” and was very indignant. It turns out she thought we were going to a carousel not a carol service. She got over her disappointment though, and entertained herself by colouring in a green cow and reading a book.

We had fun decorating our Christmas Tree… I took a time lapse film and it turned out pretty well, unlike last years’ when the phone fell off the tripod!

The girls’ excitement levels are very high. The M & S Beauty Advent Calendar I filled for them was a total success.

Letters to Santa

I was woken up very early by Ava and Thea to show me a letter they had written to Father Christmas. I was quite alarmed in case they have asked for more things that I won’t have time to get, but actually it’s just a picture for him. Thea drew the picture, Ava did the writing and made the envelope.

This was added to the fire, with the other notes Ava has left for Father Christmas…

Notes to Father Christmas in the fire

She’s made Father Christmas and his elf making presents, a Christmas tree and a scene of how Christmas Eve is… they are stockings hanging in front of the fire, not Father Christmas’ feet getting burned as he goes down the chimney!

How Will Father Christmas Get In?

Ava has been asking lots of questions about Santa, especially about how he’s going to get into our house. Although we do have a fire, it’s an old gas one with no chimney. We caught her poking about in the garage (where their Christmas present is hidden, yikes!) and it was because she was looking for where Father Christmas would get in. We told them he’d use the front door and she was worried he wouldn’t be able to find the stockings, so she has stuck up some helpful arrows leading from the front door to the fireplace. The best one is the arrow she’s placed in the centre of the TV screen. We’re not allowed to move it.

A Hand me down Dolls’ House

My dad dug my and my sister’s old dolls’ house out of the attic to give to the girls to share. We had hours of fun with it about thirty years ago, and are pleased it’s still looking so good!Dolls houseDad painted the door red as we used to have a red door. Debbie wrote the back to front 3 and SF on the door as we used to live at number 3, and our Sylvanian Families lived in the dolls’ house. I was cross that she’d done it, mainly because the 3 was the wrong way round. I thought about painting over it but decided to wait and see what Ava and Thea thought.
Red dolls house door and window

The dolls’ house is empty apart from a mirror and a cuckoo clock (and many cobwebs and dead spiders that I had to dispose of!). We think the rest of the furniture must be in the loft. The girls have some Sylvanian Families already, so we will need to get some furniture so that it doesn’t look like a squat!Empty dolls house with cuckoo clock

My mum says she always planned to decorate it with us, with wallpaper etc, but didn’t manage it due to having three kids! I have the same plan but rather suspect it will still have bare walls and floors for the same reason. Mum found a little Christmas wreath and I have secured it with a trusty paper clip.Dolls house with Christmas wreath on a red front door

ChrISTmas eve Fun

Today we’ve been finishing off the wrapping, and went to a local pub with my mum dad and sister for lunch. We’ve been doing that the last four years so it’s a tradition now. We came home and gave the girls their Christmas Eve Box, which turned out to be a hit.

We had Christmas stories downstairs (Ava took the picture of me and Thea) and then up to bed.

The girls are finally in bed and all is quiet.. so hopefully we can fill up the stockings and go to bed so we’re not totally exhausted tomorrow! But I think a cheeky glass of wine is in order first… I hope you all have a lovely relaxing Christmas with loved ones tomorrow. Merry Christmas!

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