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Beauty on a Budget: 2

I used the last of my bareMinerals exfoliator yesterday, but luckily this also arrived, ready for my home-made scrub experiment. I know it’s childish, but it pleases me that it has my initials on it.

Epsom Salt

This 200g tub was £1.49 from Boots, and I read the label to find out what it’s actually supposed to be used for (again, childish):

Epsom Salt

So I got an egg cup to put some salt in, before my shower, and then spilled about a tenth of the tub on the bathroom floor when I opened the tub. Annoying. It looks just like normal salt, I don’t know what makes it so special.

Epsom Salt 3

As directed in the post on Dear Chrissy, I mixed a bit of the salt with my cleanser. But I hate to say it, it was completely useless. I think using normal salt would have been more effective!

So I’ll try one of the other uses for this ‘wonder salt’, and go back to square one, looking for a new DIY face scrub. I think I’ll try this one with Bicarbonate of Soda, as I have lots of that in my baking cupboard already!

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