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Natural Brand Focus: Mossa Organic Skincare Review

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I recently discovered a new natural brand, called Mossa, who make delightful organic skincare. I had a sachet of their BB Cream in a recent Love Lula Beauty Box, and was really impressed. So when it came to picking the next products to review as part of my role as a Love Lula Accredited Blogger, I chose three Mossa Organic Skincare products: the night cream, BB cream and eye cream, each available from natural beauty shop Love LulaNatural Brand Focus: Mossa Organic Skincare Review

Mossa organic skincare is a Latvian brand, and their hero ingredient is ECOCERT certified Nordic berries. Love Lula sells 15 Mossa products, including cleansers, treatments, day, night and eye creams and the BB cream, ranging from £10 to £16, which I think is very reasonable for an organic brand. Another thing to note is that the products come in these airlock pump containers, which is ideal for products without synthetic preservatives, as it keeps them fresh. The other benefit is that they won’t get contaminated by bacteria on your fingers, as products can when they are in tubs.

Mossa Organic Skincare has 100% Natural Ingredients

All three of these products are 100% natural. You can see their ingredients on the back of the boxes. I haven’t checked the products I haven’t tried but it’s obviously something the brand are passionate about. Each of these products has quite a distinctive, unusual smell, which I can only assume is the Nordic berries. It’s not my favourite ever smell but I have got used to it, and it fades quickly anyway! Mossa Organic Skincare ingredients

Mossa Organic Skincare BB Cream

I’ll start with the BB Cream, as that was my reason for trialling this brand. Mossa Skin Perfector BB Nude Tinting Moisturiser (£15) comes in one shade, called Soft Beige. Normally, I would not try a one-shade-suits-all product as my skin is so fair, and I have a horror of looking orange. However because there was a sachet in my Love Lula Beauty Box, it let me try it for several days to see if the colour was OK. It is a teeny bit dark, but blends surprisingly well, as you can see in these photos. It looks quite dark to start with, but as you blend it in, it virtually disappears. I’m not convinced it would work well for very dark skin tones, but I think it would be good for medium tones.

It has five benefits in one:

  1. Mattifies and blurs the appearance of lines, wrinkles and pores
  2. Natural mineral pigments give a healthy glow and sheer coverage
  3. Contains Hyaluronic acid to improve hydration
  4. Contains natural oils and shea butter nourish and protect against moisture loss
  5. Contains Nordic Plum Oil to help regenerate and soothe dry skin

The only thing it is missing is SPF, meaning you can’t really wear it alone, without an SPF underneath, which is a shame. That’s really my only quibble with it, so this Mossa BB Cream has replaced my previous favourite Pacifica BB cream, which you can read about here. It gives better coverage, so I have moved my Pacifica BB cream to my gym make-up kit. It’s still a light coverage, by no means as opaque as a foundation but evens the skin tone out well and brightens. It also gives more coverage if you use more.

Mossa Organic Skincare Night Cream

Love Lula sell two different Mossa night creams, for different ages and concerns. The Mossa Youth Defence Restoring Night Cream is £13 and for 25-40, and the Mossa Age Excellence Wrinkle Smoothing Night Cream, which is £16 for 40+. I chose the more expensive Wrinkle Smoothing version as I am close to that older age bracket.

I was worried it might be too rich as I have an oily T-Zone. This cream is really lovely and rich, but not greasy, so I’m enjoying using it, aside from the initial smell, as I mentioned above.

According to Mossa, this natural cream contains black elder antioxidants and claims to stimulates collagen synthesis whilst a natural biopolymer helps to restore the hydration, firmness and smoothness of the skin. Finally an active antioxidant complex protects cells and delays the ageing process. It’s too early to notice any of these effects as I’ve only been using it a few weeks, but my skin is soft and supple and possibly slightly brighter.

Mossa Organic Skincare Eye Cream

Again, there are two different eye creams for different ages, the Mossa Restoring Eye Cream for £13 and the Mossa Firming Wrinkle Smoothing Eye Cream, which is £16. I do have quite a few crows’ feet and dark shadows, so I chose the more powerful one!

I’ve been using this Mossa eye cream at night, and my Laidbare Pack Your Bags Eye cream in the morning. It is a rich eye cream so it’s great to use at night, but I think it might be a bit heavy to use in the day beneath make-up, at least for my skin type.

Mossa say the black elder antioxidants intensively repair the skin, while natural biopolymers promote the filling of wrinkles and smooth the skin in the eye area. Again, it’s too early to say whether that is working just yet, but it certainly is nice and moisturising and worth a try for the high quality ingredients and price point.

Will you be trying Mossa Organic Skincare? Or have you already discovered it? I’d love to know, please leave me a comment!

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  1. Mary Thain

    28th January 2018 at 5:21 pm

    Those Mossa creams sound gorgeous. Need to give them a try x

    1. Becky Pink

      28th January 2018 at 6:22 pm

      I’m really enjoying using them, and think the price is great too! xx

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