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Starting Our David Lloyd Wellness Journey

{Ad-Review} Membership gifted in an unpaid collaboration. All opinions are honest, as always.

Now that Thea’s started school full time (and loving it, fortunately!) I have more time to myself. But what should I do with it? Keeping on top of the washing? More cleaning? Dedicating more time to my blog? Working more hours on my freelance copywriting business? All needed, but not necessarily that helpful for my wellness, right? Well, we’ve been gifted a six month family membership to David Lloyd health club, so that I can share our experience with you. So our David Lloyd wellness journey starts here!

As a self-confessed exercise dodger, this gives me mixed feelings. I’m excited and terrified, in equal measures.

I’ve not stepped foot inside a gym for over seven years. So this is very daunting. But having accountability will be very motivating! Starting Our David Lloyd Wellness Journey

Starting My David Lloyd Wellness Journey

I’m calling our experience a ‘Wellness Journey’ as I don’t want to get too hung up on getting fit. Realistically, I’m not going to be there every day, working out. Apart from the fact that is terrifying, I don’t want to put myself under that sort of pressure. I do have a business to run, a house to maintain, and a family to organise, after all! I want to feel healthier and if I can lose a few pounds, so much the better. I certainly won’t be a slave to the scales though!

I keep telling myself that everyone has to start somewhere. I can safely say I am going from zero fitness, so the only way is up!

Until I became I mum, I was one of those annoying people who can eat what they want, never exercise, and still stay fairly slim. But that has definitely caught up on me, both in my body (a box of clothes I can’t comfortably wear anymore), and in my health. I suffer (and have done ever since I was a kid) with a constant headache, and have also been getting migraines more frequently. I also did something to my back when Ava was little, and it has never been the same since.

The only exercise I have done over the past few years has been Pilates, where my back allows, the school run, and running around after toddlers. Now they aren’t toddlers, I haven’t even managed that. I had to give up Pilates as my back kept going in class. On one memorable occasion, it took three ladies to drag me up off the floor, as I couldn’t bend, or twist it. One of them was a pensioner. The shame.

Welcome To The Club

We had a welcome Yoga session, followed by a family swim and yummy meal, with the other bloggers who are taking part. Ryan and I both loved the Yoga, and my back held up, yay! Whilst we were doing that the kids went to DL Kids club, and had fun painting.

Wellness Facilities at David Lloyd in Milton Keynes

There are loads of tennis courts at David Lloyd, and they are well known for being experts in this area. There are also squash and badminton courts, but to be honest, I doubt very much we’ll use them. The lovely indoor/outdoor heated pool and hot tub are the big attraction for us. Ryan loves the water, and so do girls – they are getting on well with their swimming lessons, so it will be great for them to practice. I am a much more reluctant swimmer. But we went for a family swim and I must admit I really enjoyed it. Because it’s much warmer than our local public pool, and lovely and clean, it makes it much more enjoyable!

There is a well stocked gym, several group exercise studios and a spin studio. I can’t show you pictures of these as they always have people using them. I don’t think they’d thank me!

Family Facilities at David Lloyd

The thing that really appeals to us is the DL Kids Club. You book sessions just like any other class, and there are loads of activities to keep the kids occupied whilst the grown ups do their own classes. I think I may struggle slightly with these as the ages tend to be 4 and under and 5 and over, so as Ava is 6 and Thea is 4, they will be in different sessions. For younger children, there is also a creche, with an additional charge. There is a great soft play frame in the cafe, which the girls absolutely love.Soft Play at David Lloyd in Milton Keynes

The changing rooms have a section for adults only, which means that we don’t to feel worried about the girls running about in the other section. There are also hairdryers, which is great as winter is coming and we won’t want to be going out with wet hair. Changing room and hair drying area at David Lloyds

My David Lloyd Wellness Goals

I’m aiming to go to two classes during the week, and some family activities at the weekend. I’ve already been to an ‘Introduction to Group Exercise’ session. They run though what each of the many classes involve. This let me highlight the ones I want to try, and also the ones I need to avoid like the plague. ‘Insanity’? It sounds utterly terrifying. The start of my David Lloyd Wellness journey

I’d really recommend booking on to this if you join, as it means you’ll feel more prepared.

I’ve booked my classes on the app, which is really easy to use. You can filter by day, or exercise type. You can also join the waiting list for classes that are full, which is handy, as the ones I like the look of are all very popular. You’ll see I have also booked a session called ‘Breaking the Ice’ where I’ll be shown how to use the gym equipment. Whether or not I’ll actually go to this, I don’t know. But I am going to try a few things to see how I get on.My first exercice class bookings for my wellness journey at David Lloyd

Wish Me Luck!

Thank you so much David Lloyd, we are all excited to spend more quality time together, and hopefully get a bit healthier in the process. I’ll be writing updates here on my blog, and I’ll no doubt be posting about it on Instagram and Facebook too if you want to see if I survive!












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