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Five things I love right now: March

1. Daffodils. A promise that spring really is on the way. These cheerful little chaps bring a ray of sunshine to a  gloomy day. What’s not to like? The lady who lived here before us clearly loved them too, as we have them all over the garden. No complaints here.  Daffodils

2. The first outside clothes drying of the year. The sky looks threatening, but even a couple of hours blowing about gives clothes that amazing smell.

Our garden

3. Hot chocolate and mini marshmallows. It’s just about cold enough to justify it, in my book. When one of the girls won’t drink their milk, I hate to waste it, so I bring out the finest hot chocolate I have ever found. My market research has been very extensive, and Chocolat Charbonnel is the best. It’s tiny flakes of real chocolate, instead of powder. Delish.

4. Playing outside. We’re hopefully getting a new play house soon, as this one is very old and a bit too small. But Thea still loves it.

5. Architecture & Design on Facebook. Ryan told me about this Facebook page and I now spend ages saving the links they post as I don’t have time to read them. Recent posts include ’16 Genius Tips to Fix Everything Your Kids Break’, ’15 Life-Changing Cleaning Solutions and Tips That Really Work’, and ’29 Things You Can Do Right Now To Get Your Kitchen Organized’. Yes, it’s American and no I haven’t read these yet, they’re saved for when I have time…  I bet they are great though, as the ones I have read have been brilliant or at least amusing.

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