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Beautiful Ethical Recycled Rings from Nikki Stark Jewellery

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How much thought do you give to where the gold or silver in your jewellery comes from? It’s a natural, non-renewable resource, so is therefore finite. Buying recycled rings and other jewellery is one way we can protect our environment, whilst still enjoying fashion. Talented jewellery designer Nikki Stark sent me some of her ethically-made, 100% recycled skinny rings to review, and aren’t they gorgeous?

Nikki Stark Jewellery recycled silver and rose gold skinny rings

About Nikki Stark Ethical Jewellery

The ethical recycled rings are hand made to order by Nikki Stark in her South West London studio. She’s been making jewellery for over 12 years using traditional techniques, and simple hand tools. As a certified Fairtrade Goldsmith, she uses eco gold and silver wherever possible. This means it’s 100% post-consumer recycled solid precious metal.

Her skinny rings are made of recycled sterling silver and rose gold. She uses solid precious metals, as they last much longer than metal plating or filled gold. It’s also more easily repairable, and even recyclable, eventually.

Ethical Recycled Silver and Rose Gold Rings from Nikki Stark

Yes, they are more expensive than more disposable high street jewellery, but they are hand made to order by an artist. These recycled rings will last for years to come, even if you wear them every day. If you’ve heard of the ‘cost-per-wear’ equation, you’ll see this adds up to great value.

Beautiful ethical recycled skinny rings from Nikki Stark Jewellery on an RMS lipstick

The rings have a beautiful hand-made hammered finish, which makes each one unique. I love seeing the maker’s hand in my jewellery, it shows real authenticity.

Nikki has really thought about how eco-friendly her business is. As well as using post-consumer materials, her recycled rings arrive in a biodegradable, plant-based gift box. The postage envelopes and postcards are also recycled and recyclable.

Eco packaging of Nikki Stark ethical recycled rings

How To Wear Skinny Stackable Recycled Rings

One of the things I love about these recycled skinny rings is that you can wear them in so many ways. Buy a larger size and wear as a traditional ring, as I am wearing the recycled silver skinny rings (£16 each). Or choose a smaller one and wear it towards the end of your fingers, like the rose gold skinny rocking midi ring (£38).

Nikki Stark Jewellery ethical recycled rings

I’m also wearing one of Nikki’s rose gold skinny Holly wishbone rings (£38) on the same finger.

Nikki Stark Ethical Recycled Rings

“My focus is on creating elegant wearable jewellery in quality materials. The pieces are simple but it’s your choice of how you wear and combine them that makes them unique.
The style of the pieces is contemporary but the scale is vintage inspired. These are the pieces you can wear every day, that can become part of your personal look and style, your own story.”

Nikki Stark

My engagement ring is a family heirloom, and belonged to Ryan’s great-grandmother. And I chose a plain gold band to let it take centre stage. If you’re in a similar position, or have an unusual shape engagement ring, Nikki could make you something bespoke to fit around it. Do give her website a look, as she makes beautiful wedding rings from recycled precious metals too.

Ethical Recycled Rings from Nikki Stark Jewellery

In this photo, I’m also wearing Inika Long Lash Mascara, which you can read all about here, and Pacifica 7-free nail varnish, which also comes in a fab sparkly rainbow version.

Becky Pink wearing Nikki Stark ethical recyced fings

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