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Organic Ethical Empowerment T-Shirts from Mutha.Hood

Do you love a slogan top? Then you’ll love Mutha.Hood. You’ll probably have seen their creations on social media as they are so popular. But you may not know about this small businesses’ environmental policies and ethics. So read on to find out more bit about these organic ethical empowerment T-shirts from Mutha.Hood.

Three Strong Girls Club pink and red organic ethical empowerment T-shirts by MuthaHood

About Mutha.Hood Ethical T-Shirts

I’ve been following Mutha.Hood for ages on Instagram (go check them out here!) But because I am trying to cut down on buying clothes, I hadn’t bought anything. But then a few months ago I went to Mutha.Hood founder Gemma talk, and she was so inspiring, I couldn’t resist any longer!

Gemma set up Mutha.Hood with the mission of making women feel good about themselves and make girls believe in their worth. I think that’s something we can all get behind, right?

“A female owned business, with the main aim of empowering women and girls through positive, strong and meaningful merch.”


Every Mutha.Hood t-shirt is manufactured under Fair Wear standards. This makes sure that conditions are safe and healthy with no forced or child labour.  They use organic cotton, which is produced sustainably and dyed with GOTS approved chemicals. The organic ethical empowerment t-shirts are printed in the U.K. using eco-friendly water based ink. They feel lovely and soft, wash well, come up true to size, and arrive in paper wrapping.

Plastic-free paper wrapping of Mutha.Hood t-shirts

We Love Our Organic Ethical Empowerment T-Shirts

I love putting the girls in matching clothes, but I don’t normally match them too! We did get a few double takes when we wore them all together.

We’re also wearing matching Salt-Water Sandals. Pop over to one of my most-read blog posts to see how to find the right size.

When we went to the library the librarians were very keen to know about the t-shirts. I was happy to tell them where we bought them!

Wearing Strong Girls Club ethical t-shirts in a library

The Mutha.Hood organic ethical empowerment t-shirts are the original Strong Girls Club t-shirts. I’m pleased to invest in the real deal, not a pale imitation. There are several reasons for this: I want to champion the makers of the original concept, I believe in the company’s environmental ethics, and I want to support small, independent, female businesses. You can shop more ethical empowerment clothes and accessories at Mutha.Hood – they do fab sweatshirts too!

Becky Pink wearing a organic, ethical Strong Girls Club empowerment T-shirt from Mutha.Hood
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