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Great Gifts for Travel Fans

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Do you have a travel fan to buy for this Christmas? Read on for some ideas for Christmas gifts for travel fans, all designed to make travel easier and more comfortable, and to help pack light. I’ve tried and tested all of these travel products, on my recent trips to Nashville and Malta, and can confirm they work well. The first ones are the best gift options, as they are lovely, whilst being practical. As you read on, the very practical items come out, which may be better for self-purchase.
Great Products to Help You Travel Light

Travel Gifts for Beach Lovers

Tesalate Beach Towel

In my experience, going to the beach can be a messy affair, with sand getting everywhere. But Australian beach town company Tesalate have gone some way to solving this, with their beautiful sand-free beach towels. As I am a huge flamingo fan, I chose Tesalate’s ‘Is this love?’ pink and blue design. (Product gifted for review.) As you can see, Thea loves it as much as I do! These towels make great gifts for travel fans that like their beach time. Tesalate sand-free beach towel
Not only do they come in a gorgeous range of designs, Tesalate towels have the chic black and white graphic reverse side. Tesalete beach towels are super light, and less than a quarter of the size of a regular brach towel, and dry really quickly. Because they are smooth, without all the loops of normal towelling, the sand just slides right off.
Look how small it is! It comes in its own bag too.

I wrote a blog post a few months back talking about planning to wear a bikini for the first time in eight years, and here is the evidence! My Tesalate towel was so comfy to lie on, and didn’t leave any of that funny bumpy towel-print you get on your skin, when you lie on a normal towel.

Tesalate have developed their own high-tech fabric called AbsorbLite™ microfiber. It’s so absorbent that it can hold up to a litre of water!

Sunglasses with a Folding Case

The vintage-style sunglasses I’m wearing in the photos above are from Golden Hour Vision and come in a fab origami folding case. I found them to be perfect for travel as the case is sturdy enough to pop in your bag, so the sunglasses don’t get crushed, but folds flat when you’re wearing them. You can read more about these luxurious sunglasses on my full review here.

Golden Vision sunglasses with flat pack case to help you travel light

Salt-Water Sandals

I’ve long been a huge fan of Salt-Water Sandals, for many reasons. They have never given me blisters. Ever. You soak them in water when you buy them, and wear them until they are dry and they mould to your feet. I have two pairs, the matte gold, and shiny pastel pink and can’t choose my favourites. Salt-water Sandals are the ideal travel shoes, as you only need one pair if packing space is tight, as they can be worn in sun and the rain, or even in the sea! You can also hand wash them in a gentle detergent if needed.

If you’re buying Salt-water Sandals for yourself, or a friend, you might like my guide to finding the perfect size.

Sun Jellies Jelly Shoes

I’ve bought my girls these gorgeous Raspberry pink Sun Jellies vintage-style jelly shoes, which they have worn over the summer and in Malta. Again they are suitable for sun or rain, and can be worn in the water too. They are a bit more expensive than some of the supermarket versions, but they are much softer and don’t cut in. They can also be recycled when they finally wear out, though, that will be a long time in the future as they will be handed down to friends and family when they are outgrown! They also come in grown-up sizes, in a rainbow of colours.
Sun Jellies Raspberry Jelly Shoes

Perfect Bags for Travel

Fjallraven Kanken Backpack

I treated myself to this pretty, yet practical backpack before my trip to Nashville. It’s the ideal size for hand luggage and can fit so much in it. I bought the 15″ version, which you can buy in lots of different colours through this affiliate link. It comes in several different sizes, but I think this is the best for hand luggage, and carrying a laptop.

Waiting at the airport with my pink Fjallraven Kanken backpack
It has a separate pocket at the back for your laptop, and my 13inch Mac Book fits in with room to spare. There is also a removable seat pad, which helps protect your laptop, and the padded straps make it comfortable to carry. It’s also fairly waterproof – I haven’t tested it in a downpour but it certainly stands up to drizzle.

My Paper Tote Bag

My gold paper bag from My Paper Tote has lasted me two summers already, and still looks fab. As well as being a really generous size, making it ideal as a beach bag, it also packs flat for travel. This is how it looked when it was new, and you can see how it looks 18 months later in the sun lounger photo above – still gorgeous! Even though this sustainable bag is made from paper, it looks like leather and is super-durable. You can read all about this amazing bag on my dedicated blog post here.
Sustainable tote bag by My Paper Tote on a beach with Sun Salt-Water Sandals

Beauty Gifts for Travel Fans

Elsa’s Organic Skin Foods Deodorant

I’ve written before about my love for Elsa’s Organic Skin Foods’ natural deodorants, and now they come in travel-friendly tins too, which are easier to recycle. These two cute little tins have 100% natural, yet effective deodorant pastes smell great and work well, what’s not to love? You can buy these organic natural deodorants here. (Products gifted.)

Elsa's Organic Skin Foods natural deodorant tins

CEYX Men’s Gift Set

This travel set of CEYX natural men’s toiletries from Love Lula (gifted for review) has a good selection of men’s grooming goodies in travel-friendly packaging makes packing a breeze. With travel-sized  hair and moustache wax, face and saving soap. cologne, face and beard oil and moisturiser, all in a travel bag, it’s a great kit for the man on the go. You can buy this men’s toiletries get set from Love Lula through my affiliate link.

Gifts to Make Travel Easier

Trtl Travel Neck Wrap

This may not be the most attractive thing I’ve ever worn, but the Trtl Travel Neck Pillow does make aeroplane travel ever so slightly more bearable! It is made of fleece with a lightweight frame that supports your head. It folds up for travel so it fits in your hand luggage easily. You can buy a Trtl Neck Pillow in several colours through my affiliate link here.

Pack Mate Roll Up  Vacuum Travel Storage Bags

I used these vacuum storage bags on recent trips and they are a revelation. I’ve used the larger ones that use a vacuum cleaner nozzle to suck the air out for years. These ones simply roll up so you don’t need a hoover. The air is removed quickly and easily by rolling them up with the clothes inside. You can buy roll up travel vacuum bags in several sizes through my affiliate link here.

See how much you can fit in, and how small they go? Amazing!

Pop-up Laundry Baskets

These pop-up laundry baskets take up next to no space, but make holiday laundry so much easier. The handles make them easy to take to the laundry room on longer trips.
I hope you’ve found my ideas for great gifts for travel fans useful!

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