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Who Made My Sacet Ethical Necklace?

Do you give much thought to who makes your jewellery? I try and support small jewellery brands, by buying from independent makers from places like Etsy. I love seeing the face behind the brand and knowing a little about the maker. This it isn’t something I have seen from larger jewellery brands, until I discovered Sacet ethical jewellery. Their strapline is “Exclusively designed. Inclusively priced. Ethically & consciously crafted.” Sacet got in touch to ask if I’d like to review one of their pieces, and after checking out their story, I said ‘yes please’. And when my jewellery arrived, I found out who made my Sacet ethical necklace. 

Which Sacet Ethical Necklace Did I Choose?

I decided on Sacet’s Lujia Perched Butterfly Necklace in Rose Gold (£55). This Sacet ethical necklace comes in gold or silver too, with the choice of three chain lengths. I was especially pleased about this, as I prefer a shorter than normal chain for my necklaces. I ordered the shortest of the three lengths, and it’s just the right length for me.

Sacet Ethical Jewellery packaging

Sacet say: “This unique pendant can be worn two ways. Wear upright and the pendant is an abstract heart. Invert it and it becomes a pair of folded butterfly wings perched on the end of the chain.” This is how the necklace looks both ways.

When I wear the necklace, it always naturally falls to the butterfly wings inverted position, rather than the heart position, as you can see on both these pictures of me wearing. I asked Sacet about it, and they say as everyone’s bodies are different, the necklace will fall in a different way. They offered to swap it for me, but I decided to keep this one as I think it looks nice this way too.

Who Made My Sacet Ethical Necklace?

One of the unique things about my Sacet ethical necklace is that I know who made it. It arrived with a card (made from recycled paper) introducing the makers, Bosir and Pravin. A designer named Meng designed the necklace. She is originally from Shanghai, and moved to London two years ago to complete her MA in Jewellery design at Central Saint Martins.

Who made my Sacet Ethical Jewellery

Sacet are building an artisan workshop, where every piece of jewellery will be hand-finished by trained craftspeople. The workshop will include collaborative working areas, green areas and some play areas too. They are installing solar panels to power a large portion of the workshop, which has been designed and constructed to minimise energy requirements. I like knowing that the people that made my necklace are being treated fairly, and have good working conditions.

Sacet’s Ethical Credentials

Essentially Sacet put people and planet before profit. They source their silver responsibly and it’s 100% recycled from industry and used jewellery. That’s because large silver mines tend to have dubious working conditions and environmental policies.

Any diamonds and gemstones used are ethically polished, and selected from suppliers who work with factories which adhere to fair pay and good working conditions. Jewellery is hand finished and custom made in their artisan worshop, which helps to reduce Sacet’s carbon footprint.

Sacet use eco-friendly packaging, including their 100% recycled brown making boxes, and FSC recycled cardboard jewellery boxes. They aim to build the first 100% carbon neutral jewellery-making workshop, and think they will hit that target by December.

You can order Sacet jewellery online with free shipping and returns plus a 30 day return policy, unless you opt for engraving. There’s also a two year warranty, so if there are any problems they will repair or replace it. I get compliments whenever I wear my Sacet necklace, and love how it looks and feels. I also like knowing who made it!





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