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Learning to Bake at a Sustainable Bread-Making Class

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Ryan and I don’t really ‘do’ Valentine’s Day, other than cards, and a token gift, and maybe a Marks and Spencer meal deal if we’re feeling fancy. This year, we’ve done something much better, thanks to gift experience company Red Letter Days. They got in touch to see if I’d like to review one of their couple’s Valentine’s Day experiences. I had a look through their extensive list of ideas for inspiration.

Red Letter Days Gift Experiences for Couples

Red Letter Days have so many ideas, but I was immediately drawn to cookery classes, and then found a bread-making class. Ryan has wanted to learn to make bread for ages, so this was perfect. It’s ideal for me too, as I LOVE a workshop. I am at my happiest when learning a new skill, and loved the wreath making, arm knitting, and origami workshops I’ve done in the past.

I found the perfect bread-making class at Cookery School, London and ordered our vouchers.It was easy to book onto our bread-making class, using the code emailed to me. We had an early start on Saturday morning, to get to Cookery School, at Little Portland Street, London in time for our 9.30 bread-making class.

About The Cookery School at Little Portland Street, London

The Cookery School is tucked away off Portland Street, so very central. It’s set over several floors, and our bread-making class was on the ground floor, which is equipped with a kitchen, and space for tables for us to work at.

The kitchen at Cookery School, at Little Portland Street, London

Our instructor Jane was very knowledgable and her helper Edwin helped ensure everything ran smoothly. We were treated to a hot-from-the-oven scone and home made jam, with tea or coffee. Delicious.

Freshly baked scones and jam at Cookery SchoolFreshly baked scones and jam at Cookery School

Cookery School is passionate about sustainability, which is another reason I chose this gift experience over anything else. They use high quality sustainable ingredients, organic where possible and don’t use clingfilm. They also run on sustainable green energy, and rinse dishes in ‘grey’ water (which has been used to wash hands), before they go into the dishwasher, to minimise water waste.

Our Morning at Cookery School’s Bread-Making Class

What we baked:

Jane had prepared six batches of bread dough first thing that morning, to make sure they’d be risen in time for us to shape and bake them.

Bread dough rising, ready to make into bread at our bread-making class
Jane prepared six batches of dough ahead of our class.

They included slightly different doughs, to make white rolls, pitta bread, focaccia, cinnamon rolls, Chelsea buns and chollah bread. As it was a warm day, the dough rose beautifully, even flowing over the sides of the bowl!

Over-excited dough at a bread-making class

How the bread-making class worked:

There were nine of us at the bread-making class, and we each had a go an doing all the steps, from kneading the dough, to shaping it, and preparing it for its second rise. Then whilst it was baking, we prepared our own dough, to take home.

Making chollah bread:

Making focaccia:

We also made basic rolls, Chelsea buns, cinnamon rolls and pitta bread, phew! Here are a few of our creations, they tasted as good as they looked.

Learning to Bake Bread at a Bread-Making Class at Cookery School, London

The Bread-Making Continued After Class

We each chose a dough to make, which we then away to rise and bake at home. Ryan made wholemeal and I chose cinnamon rolls. Here is Ryan concentrating on his measuring and kneading.

When we got home, we knocked back our dough ready for it to rise. Then I made my cinnamon rolls, and Ryan made a loaf and some rolls.

We baked them in the oven and we were so pleased with how they turned out!

Learning to Bake at a Bread-Making Class at Cookery School, London
The cinnamon rolls, loaf and bread rolls we made at home.

Our bread-making class at Cookery School in London was £125 each, and you can buy vouchers for this, and hundreds of other gift experiences at Red Letter Days. You can get a gift pack delivered to give, or an e-voucher, which is what we opted for. I think this would also make a fab Mother’s Day present, and thanks to Red Letter Day’s Free Exchanges policy, you can buy with confidence as the lucky recipient can always swap for another experience if they don’t fancy the one you picked for them.

As you can see from these smiles, we had a brilliant time and area already wondering what we can do on our next date.

The Pinks on a bread making class at Cookery School, London
Feshly baked cinnamon rolls

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