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A Pottery Painting Party at Kilning Me Softly, Milton Keynes

Thea had her 4th birthday a few weeks ago. As we did a big party for Ava on her fourth birthday, we wanted to do something special for her too. Ryan had the idea of pottery painting at Kilning Me Softly, on Newport Pagnell High Street. I wasn’t sure if she would be a bit young but the lady said it would be fine. So we booked!

When you book a party, you have the place to yourself, on Sundays when they are not normally open. The shop is so pretty, I didn’t even need to decorate it. All we had to do was turn up an hour before our booking, with our party food, cake and party bags.

All set up for Pottery Painting at Kilning Me Softly

The pottery painting equipment was all set up ready for us, and we set up the food on the far table.

Pottery Painting at Kilning Me Softly, Milton KeynesWe even had time for a cuppa before Thea’s guests arrived! The calm before the storm at Kilning Me Softly Pottery Painting Cafe

What Happens at a Pottery Painting Party?

There are toys for babies, and a sofa and a couple of chairs. When the guests arrived, the kids got to pick what they wanted to paint from the shelf of animals. Pottery animals ready to paint
Then the lady squirted the paints out into the trays and the kids were let loose to make their creations!

The kids loved it, and Ava spent ages on her dog. Thea only spent about 20 minutes but concentrated the whole time. They all look so serious, and there were lots of little tongues poking out of the corners of mouths.

They made such great animals and tile coasters: The finished painted pottery

Thea painted a pottery owl and a dotty coaster. Thea's painted potteryI took along some cardboard crowns, pencils and stickers for the kids who finished early to make. I was glad I did as the little ones were so quick! Next we had the food, and Thea (as always) was last at the table, happily munching away next to Grandma. Thea's the last at the table as alwaysThen we had a few party games and the cake:
The lady kindly cut the cake up and wrapped it and popped it into the party bags. It really couldn’t have been easier.

The kids all had a great time and it was so relaxed and fun. The lady fired them during the week and I went to collect the art works about a week later. The colours are much punchier now they have been fired, and they have a shiny finish.Thea's own and Ava's dog

I highly recommend it, and the girls were so excited to see their finished pottery when it came back!

How To Book Your Pottery Painting Party

Pottery painting parties at Kilning Me Softly are £15 a child, with a minimum of eight children. That gets you the whole place to yourselves for two hours, and each child has their choice of animal to paint, plus a tile coaster, and a juice carton. There was tea or coffee for the grown ups too, which went down well. All their contact details are on their website. I was so happy with the party, and that we were supporting a local business as well as having fun.

Kilning Me Softly Pottery Painting Cafe.

It’s such a cute little shop, isn’t it!

You can also go in and paint pottery during the week, and they have all sorts of things to choose from. Kilning Me Softly Pottery Painting

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