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How To Make An Easy Spring Wreath in Minutes

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Do you like to decorate for spring and Easter, as well as for Christmas? I do! I’ve made a few Christmas wreaths before, but never a spring wreath before, so this is the year. This is the easiest spring wreath ever, and only took about five minutes. So read on to see how to make your own easy spring wreath in minutes, for less than £15.

How To Make An Easy Spring Wreath in Minutes

What You Need to Make an Easy Spring Wreath in Minutes

All you need to make an easy spring wreath in minutes is a pre-formed wicker wreath, ribbon and fake flowers. You may need some floristry wire but I didn’t need it in the end. 

What you need to make an easy spring wreath in minutes

I used a wreath we had left from our wedding nearly eleven years ago, and it even has the original ribbon. Mine is just over 30cm wide, and if you don’t happen to have on already, you can follow this affiliate link to buy a 30cm wreath for £2.89.

Hema fake flowers

I used five of these packets of fake flowers from HEMA, which cost £2.50 each. 

I used three packets of the white flowers, and two packets of the pink ones, spending £12.50.

Heart made of fake flowers from Hema

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How to make an easy spring door wreath in minutes - a super quick tutorial

How to Make an Easy Spring Wreath in Minutes

If you have a wicker wreath like mine, you can just poke the flower stems in between the strands of wicker, and they should hold them well. If you have one that doesn’t have gaps, you might need to secure them with floristry wire.

Make an easy spring wreath using fake flowers

I just started at the bottom and alternated pink and white flowers so that I didn’t have clumps of the same flowers together. 

How to make an easy spring wreath in minutes using fake flowers

You could just decorate a small section, like in these photos, or continue all the way around as I did. 

Just continue to add the flowers where you like, and after about five minutes, you’ll have a beautiful spring wreath.

Super easy spring wreath in minutes
Easy spring wreath on a front door

Although I do love wreaths with real flowers, like the one I made at Christmas, they don’t last forever and are a lot more difficult than this one. It certainly brightens up our horrible old door!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this tutorial on how to make an easy spring wreath, will you be making your own? Why not pin my instructions for later? 

How To Make The Easiest Spring Wreath in Minutes Using Fake FlowersHow To Make The Easiest Spring Wreath in Minutes Using Fake Flowers



  1. Schilly Construction Inc

    11th April 2018 at 9:01 pm

    Wow, pretty easy to make. It’s a great DIY project for the kids. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Becky Pink

      12th April 2018 at 6:09 pm

      Thanks so much, I’m glad you enjoyed it 🙂

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