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2020 Home Improvement Plans

I am passionate about creating a calm and happy home for my family. We’ve been in our house for nearly six years now. Over that time we’ve worked so hard to transform that sad, dated sea of yellow and beige into a light, bright contemporary home.

We’ve come so far, and you can see part of our house renovation journey on a guest post I wrote here for Inside Outside and Beyond. So our house is nearly finished, but we do have a few home improvement projects to tackle. About this time last year, I wrote about the home improvement plans I had for our home. So how did we get on? Not too bad, considering we have two kids. We haven’t managed everything though, so this is my new and improved home improvement list for 2020.

But first, I’ll recap the progress we made last year. Read on for a reminder of the home improvement projects we have completed.

2020 Home Improvement Plans and an update about what we did in 2019

Our Pink Front Door Makeover

Over the summer I painted our dated uPVC door pink. It was a real nightmare job, but I’m over the moon with how it turned out. You can read all about how to paint your uPVC door, and also some tips about what not to do, here.

More recently, I’ve added a cosy velvet curtain to our front door. This helps keep the heat in over the winter.

Create a cosy hall with a velvet curtain across the front door
Love the leopard print doormat? You can buy it here.

Oh and speaking of pink doors, I also gave our kitchen door the Frenchic treatment. Let me tell you, it was so much easier to work with than the paint I used for the front door!

Glass uPVC door painted in Frenchic Dusky Blush Al Fresco paint with a wooden stool, trainers and bag in front.

Blinds for Our Living Room Bay Window

Our bay window has undergone not one, but two makeovers over the last year! My first makeover was a cheap and cheerful one, with temporary static cling window frosting, which you can read about here.

My £12 Budget Window Makeover with Frosted Static Cling Window Film

Although I really liked this look, my husband didn’t like not being able to see out. Luckily, we were gifted some gorgeous white wooden blinds, which you can read all about here. We are really happy with them. I think they give a look a bit like shutters, but with a much more budget-friendly price.

Bay window with white wooden shutter-style blinds with tapes, a vintage Ercol armchair and a gold drinks trolley

This photo also features a really easy little upcycle that I did last year. I used Frenchic paint to transform a dated brown vintage tea trolley into an on-trend drinks trolley – find out how here.

How to transform an old tea trolley into an on trend bar cart.

Dining Room Stools and Table Makeover

Our vintage dining table was looking so sad. We got it stripped and varnished, and we feel like we have a new table! Find out more about our vintage utility table here.


We also made some cute little hairpin leg stools for the girls. They complement our Eames style chairs, and match the breakfast bar we made a couple of years back – read more about that here. See how we made our hairpin leg stools here.

Chic wooden stool with hairpin legs

My husband and brother in law also boarded our loft. This means we can store stuff from the garage up there, which has been so useful. Who’d have thought such a boring DIY would create joy?!

So now on to the jobs for 2020…

About this time last year, I wrote about the plans I had for our home. So how did we get on? Not too bad, considering we have two kids. We haven’t managed everything though, so this is my new and improved home improvement list for 2020.

Finishing the Girls’ Den

Last year we started making a den in the cupboard that comes off the playroom. We are pretty much finished with it, but I have a few finishing touches to add. Here is the progress on the den so far.

Making a Kids Den in the Cupoard Above our Stairs

Tackling the Understairs Cupboard of Doom

This tiny space has been on my to do list ever since we moved in to our house nearly six year ago. Will 2020 be the year we finally get it sorted out? Let’s hope so!

Our cupboard leads off our kitchen and because it’s under the stairs, it has a sloped ceiling. It has very rickety old shelves that the previous owner put up, but they are really on their last legs.

Our understairs cupboard

Every time I go to IKEA, I look at their shelving systems but need to work out exactly what we need. I’m thinking something along these lines. Open Storage from IKEA

I think a modular system would be the best way to make it work. Or getting something purpose built if we can afford it. I have a Pinterest board for this cupboard, don’t these look fab?

Pincode for Pantry Cupboard Inspiration Pinterest Board

Make an Improved Recycling Station

I am always looking for ways to have a more eco-friendly home, and this little project is something I’ve been meaning to do for ages. Although we do recycle to a normal level, I want to do more. We collect cereal bags, Quorn bags, and frozen vegetable bags and take them to the supermarket to be recycled with the old shopping bags, but they are not easy to store. Likewise the crisp packets and biscuit wrappers we save to go to the Terra-Cycle collection (find out more about this here). It’s a right mess. So I am going to come up with a better way to store it until I can drop it off.

Inject Some Character Into Our Bedroom

Two years ago, I dedicated a whole post to my dreams for our bedroom. Two years later it’s pretty much exactly the same. It’s perfectly serviceable, but rather dull.

Deyongs Nimes Yard Dyed Chambray Duvet Bed linen Set

So I’d love to inject some colour, and maybe even attempt wallpaper for the first time. This is my Pinterest inspiration board, give it a follow if you’re also looking for bedroom ideas.

Pincode for Master Bedroom Decor ideas Pinterest Board

I’d like to try an eco-friendly paint for this project. Graphenstone have a few gorgeous dark greens and blues. I’m keen on Oxford, Blue Steel, Cerulean and Brunswick. What do you think?

Graphenstone Paint colour chart

Add More Art to Our Walls

Since we took down the Christmas decorations and lights, I feel like our home is a little on the bare side. I won a beautiful piece of artwork on Instagram before Christmas, the same as this:

So I’m planning to frame it and hang it above the sofa, with some more pictures to create a gallery wall. I also want to add more to our dining area, as it’s quite plain at the moment.

Add More Drying Space to Our Home

I don’t own a tumble dryer, and don’t want one because of the environmental cost. However I do really struggle with drying our laundry. We have a fab heated airer by Dry Soon (if you haven’t got one, check them out, they are a game-changer.) But that still takes up space and doesn’t look that attractive. We’ve got one of those winch up airers that has been in the garage in its box for about 6 years. Will this be the year we actually put it up? I hope so!

Do you have any plans for your home this year? I’d love to hear about them, please leave me a comment.

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