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Keep In The Heat with a Cosy Velvet Door Curtain

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Is your home cosy in winter, or do you have a few draughts to contend with? Our house was built in the late 70s, so it’s fairly warm. But there are a few cold spots, including our front door. We got quotes for a new more energy efficient front door, but they were so much money. I painted the old uPVC front door pink over the summer, and whilst it looks 100% better, that didn’t help it keep the cold out any better! So I’ve rigged up a cosy velvet curtain to try and keep the house warmer. Read on to find out how to put up a temporary seasonal curtain to help keep heat in, and the draughts out!

Hall way with pink door and velvet curtain to make it cosy

How to Hang a Temporary Seasonal Curtain – No Tools Required!

I didn’t want a curtain all year round, as it blocks light, and isn’t necessary in the summer. So I bought a simple spring-loaded tension rod, and you can find similar through this affiliate link. I was lucky to find a gold one, which goes perfectly with my door furniture. You just unscrew it to a bit longer than the opening, and push it together as you slot it between two walls. A shower curtain rod would also work well.

Make a draughty hallway more cosy with a velvet curtain
Make a draughty hallway more cosy with a velvet curtain on a tension rod curtain pole.

The rod can be taken down in spring, and put back up next winter without damaging the wall. You could just mount a normal curtain rail above your door. There is barely any clearance between the top of our front door and the ceiling, so that wouldn’t work here. I also like this method as it doesn’t need any tools!

Where to Find a Cosy Velvet Curtain

I found my cosy velvet curtains on offer as George at Asda, and love the pretty dusky pink colour. They also sell these curtains in a silvery grey and they are lined. They come in several sizes, with different lengths and widths. I only needed one curtain for my door, but will use the other one in the girls’ new den. You can read about our plan for their den here and is still a work in progress. I ordered the pair that were closest to the length of the door, making sure a single curtain would cover the width. Using two curtains would be warmer, but then the door wouldn’t open properly.

Use a velvet curtain behind your door to block draughts and make your home more cosy

As you can see, when drawn, the curtain fits into the side window without interfering with the door opening. I didn’t think the pinks would go, but I was pleasantly surprised. I’m so glad I took the gamble to order them!

They have a few creases from being folded in the packet, I expect these to drop out now it’s hung.

Adjusting the Cosy Door Curtain

The curtain is, as expected, quite a bit too long. The curtains came with eyelets, which wouldn’t work on my door, due to the lack of space above the door. I measured how much I need to reduce it by, folded it over at the top, and pinned it to check the length. Now I just need sew along the top, leaving a channel for the curtain pole to run though.

Block out draughts in your hall with a cosy velvet curtain

I love this simple way to keep draughts out of our home, for a really reasonable cost.

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