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A Tour of Our Christmas Decorations

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Christmas has arrived in our house. As it’s my favourite time of the year, I’ve taken some photos of our house decorated for Christmas. We don’t do a new Christmas decoration theme every year. I buy one or two new items that will complement what I already have. I like to keep our Christmas decorations quite traditional and neutral – mainly metallics with a few red and pink touches.

A Tour of Our Christmas Decorations

Home Made Christmas Wreath

I’ll start with our front door, which is now decorated with a home made Christmas wreath.

Pink front door with green and pink hand made Christmas wreath

I made it at a workshop at a local church and added in some pink roses when I got home. I think it ties in so well with our pink door.

Handmade Christmas wreath decorated with pink roses

If you’re wondering how to paint a uPVC front door, check out my detailed DIY blog post, which has everything you need to know.

Last year, I decorated our bay window with a snowy scene using chalk pens. This year, we have our new white wooden blinds so that wouldn’t look right. But I still had the pens from last year, so I couldn’t resist decorating the windows in our front door instead.

Hand drawn chalk pen stars on a pink front door window
You can buy the chalk pens I use through this link.

Hall Garlands

As well as adding the velvet curtain to keep draughts out over winter, I’ve also added a few Christmassy touches to our hall. I’ve made simple embroidery hoop wreaths with eucalyptus and baby’s breath and hung them over the stairs.

Stairs with fairy lights and garlands and hoop Christmas wreaths

You can find my tutorial for simple winter wreaths here.

I’ve also twisted two garlands from IKEA around the banister and added some battery operated warm white LED lights on copper strings to make it sparkle. I bought them from Lights4Fun and you can find them here for £6.99 a set. They have a timer, so you can switch them on without worrying they’ll be left on and run out the batteries too soon.

Locally-Grown Christmas Tree

This year we went to our local Christmas tree farm to pick our tree. We did it last year too, and I wrote all about our quest for the perfect Christmas Tree here. We considered buying a pot-grown tree this year, as that is the most eco-friendly Christmas tree option. But we realised we would be unlikely to keep it alive until next year. So buying a locally-grown one is the second best option.

Lit decorated Christmas tree

And here is a video of us decorating our Christmas Tree.

New LED Curtain Lights from Lights4Fun

This year, I have got some new LED light Christmas decorations. I’m so pleased with how festive they make our lounge. Lights4Fun sent me two sets of their Micro LED Curtain Lights, and I couldn’t be happier with them. These lights plug in, so there’s no faffing about with batteries, and they have a handy 6 hour timer .

Christmas Decorations Tour

When they are not turned on, the wire strings don’t really show up, so they are really subtle.

Unlit LED curtain lights
The lights barely show when they are not lit up…

But when you turn them on, they look magical.

I’ve hung the lights on some small nails, which I already had up. I just unravelled them as I strung them up and they didn’t get tangled. I will have to be careful when I put them away again for next year though, as I think they have the capacity to become a huge tangled mass of wire! We had some paper snowflakes that survived from last year, so I hung them at the top of the wall too. Paper decorations are such a cost effective way to add interest and texture. You can find similar paper snowflake decorations here.

A Tour of Our Christmas Decorations
Like our recycled straw rug? You can get your own at La Redoute though this link.

You can buy Micro LED Curtain Lights for £19.99 here. They are approximately 1m wide and each of the ten wire strings is around 2m long, so you get a good coverage. They’d also look great going up a staircase, don’t you think? And they will be ideal for our New Year party too!

Grey sofa in front of LED curtain lights

Fireplace Christmas Decorations

I love decorating our fireplace for Christmas. This year we have our lovely big Aldi mirror to reflect light back into the room. We have ancient festoon lights strung up all year round, but I have added disco ball baubles and homemade origami stars with fishing wire.

White mantlepiece decorated for Christmas with lights and origami stars

I’ve also got the most gorgeous Christmas-scented candle on the mantlepiece. It’s the second year I’ve had this Joik Spiced Cranberry natural Soywax candle from Love Lula. I just love it so much.

Natural Beauty Gift Guide: Joik Soy Candle

We have a box of Christmas books in a wooden crate on the fireplace hearth. The girls can dip in to these throughout advent to get in to the festive spirit. I added some faux cotton sprigs and eucalyptus into a large vase, along with some real pussy willow I got at Columbia flower market in London last month. I love white and green foliage at this time of year.

Christmas Drinks Trolley

At the other end of our lounge, I’ve decorated our vintage drinks trolley for Christmas. I just added some simple copper wire lights and gold bowls, and it’s looking a little festive too.

Vintage drinks trolley decorated for Christmas

You can read about my vintage drinks trolley makeover here.

If you need me, I’ll be snuggled up on the sofa, basking in the lovely warm glow of the lights, drinking hot chocolate and watching a Christmas film!

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