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Good Enough to Eat? Antipodes Lipstick in South Pacific Coral

I’m working my way though the beautiful lipsticks available at natural beauty store Love Lula*. My latest discovery is Antipodes Lipstick in South Pacific Coral*. I’m impressed with the Antipodes skincare I reviewed before,and I’m pleased to say this lipstick is just as lovely. Antipodes Lipstick in South Pacific CoralThe strapline for the Antipodes Lipstick is “I’m so healthy you could almost eat me”. A bold claim, but here are the 94% natural ingredients, including castor seed, coconut, beeswax, jojoba and avocado oil. Ideally I’d like 100% natural, but 94% is still a big improvement from most lipstick on the market.Antipodes Lipstick Ingredients

Natural lipstick and lip balm are my must-haves. You end up eating some lip colour when it goes onto your food. I can’t bear to consume the chemicals lurking in the majority of lipsticks. Antipodes Lipstick contains “Low levels of colour pigments included for vibrancy.” I think this means the colour isn’t as punchy as some other shades, but I think it’s still pretty vibrant. Here it is on my hand:Antipodes Lipstick on my hand

How Antipodes Lipstick in South Pacific Coral Looks

It’s a beautiful warm pink shade, and very wearable.

Becky Pink wearing Antipodes Lipstick in South Pacific Coral

I haven’t run any filters over this picture so you can get a true idea of the colour.

Antipodes Lipstick wears really well for a natural lipstick, as you can see from these pictures I took at 10 and and 2pm. I just used one coat, and no lip liner and there was no feathering, and the colour was still there around the edges.

It gives a lovely sophisticated soft matte look, which is surprising considering how many moisturising ingredients are in it. It feels like a rich lip balm and that feeling lasts as long as it wears for. I’m impressed!

Where To Buy Antipodes Lipstick in South Pacific Coral

Antipodes Lipstick is available at Love Lula for £19.99*. It’s available in 12 gorgeous colours*, so even if Coral isn’t for you, I bet you’ll find a shade you love.

Here is a little vlog I recorded so you can see how easily it applies.

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Antipodes Lipstick In South Pacific Coral Review




  1. Sandra

    9th September 2017 at 9:20 am

    This is my first one and I love it. Definitely want to look at other colours.

    1. Becky Pink

      11th September 2017 at 11:51 am

      It’s so lovely isn’t it – I agree there are so many other beautiful shades to discover! xx

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