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Unleashing the Power of One! Small Business Must Have

As a small business owner, I have found the summer holidays rather challenging. Can you relate? Ryan has taken some time off to look after Ava and Thea whilst I worked. I have managed to keep my freelance copywriting business ticking over and  even managed to keep posting on my blog. I have found it really difficult to juggle it all, however. Now it’s time to take some time to myself, and invest in my business. I’m going on a Social Media and SEO Workshop near Milton Keynes, called “The Power of One: How to make your content thrive online”.

Scroll down for the details. But first, a little about why this workshop is perfect!Content planning for Power of One workshop

Thea starts ‘big’ school this week, meaning I’ll be have 9-3 to work, rather than 9-12. I’m taking the opportunity to reassess my work/life balance, and will take on a few more clients. Although I feel I will have a lot of time, I know that it will soon be sucked up. I’m trying to come up with strategies to keep organised with my blogging, which is getting busier with brands contacting me most days, and my ‘proper job’ of copywriting.

The Power of One is about working smarter, not harder (I already work really hard!)

It sounds like a cliche, but cliches come from truth. I spend hours and hours writing and taking photos for my blog posts. Then I publish them, publicise a couple of times on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and then leave them alone. Occasionally I revisit them, when someone asks for a recommendation on a chemical-free beauty product, or I need a recipe I’ve posted about.

This is such a shame, as I pour my heart and soul into my blog! Not to mention time and energy!

I do get the vast majority of hits from Google: my Chocolate Hedgehog Cake Tutorial and my comparison of Bare Minerals Foundations are my most read posts, all from searches. But I know I could reach a wider audience if I dedicated some more time to promoting it. I don’t really know how, plus, I’m British, so not great at blowing my own trumpet.

That’s all about to change!

Next Wednesday 13th September, I am going to a workshop, run by WordPress expert Loren from Sunny Day Marketing, and Social Media whizz Helen from Hatch Social. I thought I’d let you know about it, as they have kindly offered my readers a 10% discount code, so you can benefit from their expertise too.

The workshop is called “The Power of One: How to make your content thrive online” and is aimed at small business owners like me. The course is perfect if you’re “time poor, but full of ideas” and that’s the one that sold it to me! They say it will help if you’re:

  • Struggling to find time to create content to promote your business (check)
  • Want to get the most out of each piece of content (double check)
  • Confused about what content works best for your business

Does that sound like you? If so you might want to join me on this half day workshop! (For me, it’s great that it’s half a day. I love learning but find there’s only so much my brain can absorb.)

Have you wasted so much time and money on online courses that never get used? I’m a firm believer in the power of face to face workshops, as I need someone to explain it to me in real life!

This is what Helen and Loren say about the Power of One workshop

“We’ll share with you the key to understanding what makes a great piece of shareable content so you can apply that knowledge when producing your own content.

You’ll learn through using tools such as SEO, social media, email and paid advertising, how you can leverage digital marketing opportunities, increase your brand awareness, maximise engagement AND measure your success.”

Loren and Helen have over 30 years’ combined experience of designing digital campaigns for businesses across a variety of sectors.

Here is their video explaining more…

I can personally vouch for Loren’s expertise, as I have done a one-to-one workshop with her. I learned so much in just a few hours. She gave me a tonne of information and fixed lots of annoying things on my blog, that I had been wanting to change for ages. It’s amazing how easy an expert makes it look!

Will You Be Joining Me On The Power of One Class?

This half day class is on Wednesday 13th September at 9.30, in Newport Pagnell, near Milton Keynes. I hope you’ll join me, I’m really looking forward to it!




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