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Love Lula February Beauty Box Review

Every month I get an gorgeous box of natural beauty products as part of my role as a Love Lula blogger. It’s always so exciting to see what surprise goodies are in the Love Lula Beauty Box. This month included four skincare products, worth £65.

February Love Lula Beauty Box Review

What’s in the Love Lula February Beauty Box?

This month, the beauty box contains:

Full size Urban Veda Radiance Boosting Hydrating Toner (currently on sale for £9.74)*

Trial size Pure & Light Organic Essential Face Cream (full size is £34)*

Oils of Heaven Avocado Face Oil (£19)*

Madara Exfoliating Oil-to-Milk Scrub (£24)*

Urban Veda Radiance Boosting Hydrating Toner

I haven’t used a toner since I was a teenager, when I tried (unsuccessfully) to get rid of my spots with some sort of horrible stripping formula. Well toners seem to have come a long way since then! The Urban Veda Radiance Boosting Hydrating Toner is a non-drying toner (though I wouldn’t really recommend it for dry skin). It’s formulated to Ayurvedic principles, promising to harness the “efficacy of powerful botanic extracts and aromatic essential oils to tone, hydrate and revitalise skin”.

It contains Turmeric, Papaya and Goji berry, “this superfruits infusion imparts a luminosity to skin, by balancing pH and helping to tackle hyper-pigmentation.” Here are the ingredients, and as you can see it does contain alcohol, which I would normally avoid in skincare, plus a few other ingredients I’m not sure of. I’m not overly keen on the fragrance of this toner, it reminds me of an old lady’s perfume to be honest. However, it has really helped clarify my skin, so I’m willing to overlook the smell!

Urban Veda Radiance Hydrating Toner ingredients

Pure & Light Organic Essential Face Cream

Pure & Light are a new brand to me, and I’m also trying their beauty balm and facial exfoliator, and will post a review soon. This month’s Beauty Box contained a sample size of Pure & Light Organic Face Cream, and it’s lovely to use. It has the texture of a day cream, as it is non-greasy, yet nourishing, and doesn’t make my skin shiny.

Pure & Light face cream contains 27 active certified organic ingredients and naturally rich in vitamins and antioxidants and they say it “works to harmonise oil production, calm redness and irritation, improve skin’s moisture retention, regenerate skin damage by harsh UV rays and actively counter fine lines, wrinkles and the early signs of ageing.”

It doesn’t have any SPF in it though, so for that reason I will be sticking with my Kimberly Sayer day cream, which is my absolute favourite. It’s the perfect size for my gym kit so I’ll be keeping it there for after aqua zumba.Pure and Light Organic Skincare Essential Face Cream

Oils of Heaven Avocado Face Oil

I’ve used Oils of Heaven oils before and always been impressed. This Avocado Facial Oil is cold-pressed from avocado pulp, and rich in omega-3 fatty acids, plus vitamins A, D and E. It’s very green in colour and unfortunately it smells pretty unpleasant. But I use it beneath my night cream, so it doesn’t really matter as I soon go to sleep. It’s very nourishing and feels great but I wouldn’t buy again due to there being so many other oils that either smell nice, or don’t have a fragrance at all. Beaut box contains Ooh Organic Avocado Hydrating Facial Oil

Madara Exfoliating Oil-to-Milk Scrub

I am a big fan of Marada products and this Madara Exfoliating Oil-to-Milk Scrub is my favourite product in this month’s Beauty Box. I am a bit of a face scrub addict and this one works so well. It starts off as an oily gel, with natural wax microbeads suspended in the formula. You massage it over dry skin, them add a small splash of water to transform it into a rich milk.


It leaves skin lovely and soft and smooth, and feels luxurious when you use it. The scrub is rich in organic ingredients and is now a regular part of my beauty regime.

Madara Exfoliating Oil-To-Milk Scrub ingredients

What I Love About the Love Lula Beauty Box

The beauty of this box is that it only costs £13.95 a month when you subscribe, yet is always worth at least £50. You also get a 20% off code for the brands featured until the end of the month. It’s the perfect risk-free way to try new natural, chemical-free beauty products and it’s a lovely surprise every month.

Do you subscribe to a beauty box? How does this one compare? I’m already looking forward to March’s Love Lula Beauty Box!








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