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The Loveliest Luxury Natural Lip Balm from Bali Balm

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Lip balms. A staple in most handbags and pockets, and something I am addicted to. If you’ve ever had that panic of going out without a lip balm stashed somewhere about your person, you probably are too! But lip balms are not all created equal. Many have chemical fillers, or are made with petroleum jelly (a by product of the oil industry). So for me, it has to be a natural lip balm, every time. After all, we do eat whatever we put on our lips!

Another reason to choose natural lip balm is that petroleum jelly doesn’t actually moisturise skin, but just holds the moisture already present. I have many (many) 100% natural lip balms that I love. I’ve been sent a gorgeous luxury natural lip balm from Bali Balm to try. Read on to find out if it’s worth the £20 price tag.

The Loveliest Luxury Natural Lip Balm from Bali Balm

About Bali Balm Natural Lip Balms

Bali Balm has a rich, intensive formula which is vegan and 100% natural, containing antioxidant and antibacterial plant oils. According to Bali Balm, they are “long-lasting and contain an ethical, bee-friendly formula of coconut, castor and kukui nut oil, combined with candelilla leaf wax and sugar cane extract.” They don’t use any animal products or animal-derived products (like as honey or lanolin).

Bali Balm ingredients

The brand contribute proceeds from each sale to the Mount Agung Emergency Response which helps families affected by that volcano’s activity.

Bali Balm comes in four natural flavours, curated by award-winning chef Russell Bateman. They include Lemon and Black Pepper, Sandalwood and Ginger, and Bergamot and Grapefruit. Finally, there is Cinnamon and Burnt Orange, which is the one I received.

Luxury Natural Lip Balm from Bali Balm

Bali Balm Natural Lip Balm’s Eco Credentials

Bali Balm have a ‘Kiss The Planet Pledge’. This aims to “support eco-friendly, sustainable and cruelty free practices in the production, packaging and use of their lip care products.” They say the pledge is a “commitment to use only natural and recyclable products and processes that do as little harm to ecosystems and the environment as possible.”

This sounds brilliant, but I was disappointed that my Bali Balm came with so much packaging, which is shown below. The balm itself is in a recyclable plastic tube. It comes in a nice sturdy cardboard box, which can easily be reused, and is intended to keep the balm in. There is some tissue paper inside, which can be recycled. It also comes with a cardboard sleeve, which seems unnecessary, although can be recycled too. Unfortunately, the whole thing was encased in plastic film. I feel this somewhat undermines their pledge.

Luxury Natural Lip Balm from Bali Balm with packaging

I contacted Bali Balm to ask them about their packaging, and they told me they are no longer wrapping their products in plastic, and will be phasing out their boxes next year, saying “we encourage our customers to keep hold of their existing boxes to reuse to store their new tube-only balms.”

Bali Balm Experience

Although I do have concerns about the packaging of this luxury natural lip balm, I do recognise that many consumers will expect premium packaging. And it does feel like a lovely treat to unwrap. The balm itself is really gorgeous, and long lasting. It has a thick texture, which melts onto lips.

Bali Balm Luxury Natural Lip Balm texture

This all natural lip balm smells incredible thanks to the cinnamon and orange. It makes me think of Christmas or Easter. The balm tingles slightly when you apply it, thanks to the cinnamon. This feels nice, but if you didn’t like it don’t worry, as it doesn’t last long!

I think that this natural lip balm will last a long time, and it’s a pleasure to use. You can buy Cinnamon and Burn Orange Bali Balm Vegan Lip Balm for £20 here.

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Clean beauty review - Bali Balm Luxury Natural Lip Balm with Orange and Cinnamon

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