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Natural Nail Polish Review: NATorigin Nail Enamel

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I have a love/hate relationship with nail varnish. I love the way it looks, but I hate the way it chips a day after I apply it.  I’m cutting chemicals out of my beauty regime, and I’ve actually had better luck with the more natural nail enamel I’ve tried, than the normal chemical-laden ones! I reviewed Zoya nail enamel, and got on really well with it. However, it’s not the cheapest option, so when I spotted NATorigin Nail Enamel in my local health food shop, I thought I’d buy a bottle and see how I got on with it.NATorigin Natural Nail Polish

Aside from trying a new brand, the colour was also a big contributing factor for my purchasing decision. It’s called ‘Skimia’ and is the most gorgeous shimmery rose gold.

Applying NATorigin Nail Enamel

This nail enamel goes on like a dream – it’s thick, creamy and smooth and covers pretty well. You could probably get away with just one coat, but the finish is better with two.NATorigin Natural Nail Polish in SkimiaTo try it out, I used Zoya base coat and top coat, either side of two coats of NATorigin Nail Enamel. The photo below was taken the morning after I applied it and as you can see, it looks great. Aside from my lack of application skills! NATOrigin Nail Enamel Review

This is what it looked like after four days: NATOrigin Nail Enamel Review

A few nails had started to chip, but it’s not bad, in my opinion. My traditional nail polish would be similar, or probably worse. I removed it the next day and it was easy to take off.

How Well Does NATorigin Nail Enamel Last?

I wanted to see how long this natural nail enamel lasts by itself. So I applied two coats with no base or top coat. It looked just as good but only lasted two days before it started to chip: NATOrigin Nail Enamel

So it seems the base and top coats are key here! You can buy the Zoya Mini Color Lock System of base coat, top coat, dry soon drops and remover from LoveLula, the online natural beauty superstore, for £26*.

About NATorigin

NATorigin natural nail polish contains up to 83% natural ingredients sourced from corn, potato, wheat and manioc. They are hypoallergenic and suitable for sensitive skin, as well as being free from lanolin, sodium laureth sulfate, phtalate, mineral oils, silicon, paraben, phenoxyethanol, toluene, formaline, formaldehyde resin, camphor, nickel, rosin, chrome, carmine, fragrance, preservative, and contain no ingredients of animal origin. So that is a massive improvement on conventional nail polish, don’t you think?

You can buy NATorigin Nail Enamel from Love Lula for £8.80 each* (currently on sale) and it comes in 12 lovely colours.

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