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Does a 99% Natural Fake Tan Actually Work? TanOrganic Self Tan Review

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I like to describe my skin tone as “pale and interesting” to try and make myself feel better that I have milk bottle legs. I’ve tried a few fake tans in the past, with mixed results. Before I had children, and had more time to faff, I used a few high street self tans. I never found them very easy to use, or very effective, so just resigned myself to being pale. For my wedding, I had a spray tan to take the edge off the whiteness, but on my honeymoon it peeled terribly. So would a 99% natural fake tan actually work? Read my review of TanOrganic Self Tan Oil to find out. 

TanOrganic Self Tan Oil Review

I chose to review TanOrganic Self Tan Oil as it looked fool-proof. The other bonus is that it doesn’t need a self tan mitt, as the feel of them makes me cringe!

First Impressions of TanOrganic Self Tan Oil

The TanOrganic Self Tan Oil is in a glass bottle with a wooden screw-on lid, and comes in a cardboard carton. It’s not something you’d want to take on holiday with you, being quite heavy, but it is recyclable. TanOrganic Self Tan Oil Bottle

The box advises you to do a patch test, so I took that advice and put a dab on my arm. It worked well, and there was no reaction at all. Next I did just one arm, so it’s easy to see the colour difference. In case you can’t see, the top arm is as nature intended, and the bottom arm has one application of Tan Organic Self Tan Oil. The picture isn’t ever so clear, but you can see the difference in real life!One arm with TanOrganic Self Tan Oil, one without

Applying TanOrganic Self Tan Oil

The instructions on the box say to shake well, and massage into skin after exfoliating well. And that’s it! The oil is clear so you can’t tell where you’ve applied it, other than by feel, so I recommend doing your body in sections, as it dries quickly.

TanOrganic Self Tan Oil Formula in my hand

You can barely see the TanOrganic Self Tan Oil in my hand as it’s clear.

I used a natural body scrub in the morning, and the oils moisturised my skin during the day. I had a shower in the evening to make sure all the oil was washed away, before applying the TanOrganic Self Tan Oil.

TanOrganic Self Tan Oil takes six to eight hours to develop. As it dries quickly, you can get you PJs on pretty much straight away without fear of it staining your clothes or sheets. As it develops, there is a fake tan biscuity smell, but it’s not too bad. Of course you have to wash your hands afterwards, don’t forget that key step!

In the morning, the fake tan had developed beautifully, and looked really natural. I’m impressed! It’s the perfect colour for me as I want it to look totally natural. It’s the kind of colour I’d get after using a gradual tanner for a few days, but in one simple step (and with no nasty chemicals).

Legs after using TanOrganic Self Tan OilThis may still look pale to you, but that is the reality of my skin tone.  This is several shades darker than normal, believe it or not! You can add another layer of tan oil the next day if you want a darker shade. The colour fades imperceptibly over four to five days so there’s no peeling or streaking. It’s full of moisturising ingredients like aloe vera, borage seed oil and argan oil, so it moisturises as it tans.

You can use TanOrganic Self Tan Oil on your face too, which I haven’t tried yet as I thought I’d see how dark it is. Fortunately I didn’t go all David Dickinson, and instead looked naturally tanned, so I will be using it on my face next time.

Where To Buy TanOrganic Self Tan Oil

You can buy TanOrganic Self Tan Oil at Love Lula for £24.99 for 100ml. You only need to use a small amount, so I think this bottle will last me a long time. It’s made from 99% natural ingredients, it should be used within 6 months, as it doesn’t contains any chemical preservatives. This faux tan is certified by ECOCERT Greenlife, and 16% of the ingredients are from Organic farming. It contains no parabens, but does contain DHA, as that’s what gives the colour.

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  1. Maggie

    19th September 2019 at 1:22 pm

    I love this one so much. never peels, knees and inside knees always tanned, staines white close a bit but only close to application.
    because l love the darker shade, l apply properly ones a week after exfoliation, and that put a little amount daily, mixing with my body lotion or cream. thats btw what is so amazing about it- you don’t need to let the tenner dry completely before you apply different moisture source to your skin- u can even apply it with other oils.
    and sparing ur skin all there abrasive chemicals that the regular tanner have (u might as well drink them, they get inside your body one way or another)
    is the key for using it.

    1. Becky Pink

      19th September 2019 at 2:26 pm

      Thanks for the tip Maggie, I will mix it with my body lotion too, great idea! X

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