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Helping Welcome a Syrian Refugee Family to Milton Keynes

I’ve been watching the news about the awful situation in Syria, and it’s made me feel so helpless. Apart from donating to the big charities who are helping, I couldn’t think of anything else practical I could do. Milton Keynes will be giving three Syrian refugee families a new home, and I can help a little with that.

Milton Keynes Council are providing a house for each Syrian refugee family, and The Red Cross and Refugees Welcome are helping out too. But each house needs to be made into a home. And that’s where I (and maybe you!) come in, even if you’re not local to Milton Keynes. Helping Welcome a Syrian Refugee Family to Milton Keynes

St. Mark’s, a Milton Keynes Church is taking responsibility for one of the houses, and there are two other organisations taking care of the other two. Because the family will need everything for their new house, St Mark’s have set up an Amazon Wishlist, to make it really easy for people to help. You can just click on the items you want to donate, and it will be delivered to the coordinators.

I actually popped to (my second home) IKEA to pick up some of the items on the list, as I was going there anyway. I came away with quite a random selection: glasses, two bins, scissors, a grater, and a doormat. It came to about £15, but feels like I’m doing more than if I just sent £15 cash, as I can imagine the family using them. In fact I think I will buy a bit more from the list, to get delivered. If lots of people chip in, this family, who have faced untold horrors, will have a welcoming home to come to.

Want to Help Welcome a Syrian refugee family? Here’s How:

You can find lots of ways to help here on the St Marks’ website. If you’re not local, you can head straight to the Amazon Wishlist, and buy a little something to help the family feel at home. (This link only works on laptops or desktops, not on phones, for some reason, so if you can’t make it work, please try going though a computer!) If you can’t find it, head to here and search for St Mark’s and it’s the list called ‘Refugee House.’ The house needs to be  ready in about three weeks, so the race is on to get it finished.

We may not be able to help in a big way, but we can make a big difference to one family. I’m really grateful for the opportunity to contribute to something that will really transform a Syrian refugee family’s life. Will you join in?


  1. Kate

    1st May 2017 at 12:07 pm

    Really good idea. Will pop over to the wishlist x

    1. Becky Pink

      1st May 2017 at 8:40 pm

      Thanks so much Kate, I think we have the chance to make a real difference here! xx

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