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Introducing Eco-Friendly Recycled Plastic Yoga Wear

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Are you worried about the plastic crisis? That eco-anxiety you may be feeding is a real condition, and I am certainly feeling it. I’m doing my best to avoid single-use plastic, though that does feel like a losing battle. But what about the mountain of plastic the human race has already produced? Luckily, some pioneering companies are recycling plastic into fabrics, ready to be used again. Organic Basics have sent me some of their eco-friendly recycled plastic yoga wear to review. Could this be a part of the solution? Read on for my verdict.

Organic Basics eco-friendly recycled plastic yoga wear review

Who Are Organic Basics?

Organic Basics is a relatively young company, founded in 2015 in Copenhagen.

“We put sustainability at the core of everything. That means better fabrics, practices, and longer lasting underwear, t-shirts and socks. It also means continuously improving our standards. It’s our mission to lead the way on sustainable, better made basics.”

Organic Basics

Organic Basics’ Eco Credentials

I’m impressed with the way Organic Basics have thought about their materials, carbon footprint and production methods.

They have a lovely range of simple yet stylish organic underwear, t-shirts and vests, made using GOTS certified organic cotton. The GOTS standard also guarantees that the people that made this are paid living wages and treated like humans.

Organic Basics work with trusted, certified factory partners in Turkey, Portugal, Austria and Italy, who continuously reduce their environmental footprint. These factories ensure that their workplace is free of child labour and forced labour. Their workers have a safe working space, are paid a living wage, and offered free lunch and childcare.

Organic Basics have also gone ‘carbon balanced’, which means that for every order placed, they offset 100 kilos of C02, by funding a wind farm in Turkey. I am also impressed with their plastic-free packaging. It manages to be stylish and premium, yet eco-friendly.

Introducing Their Eco-Friendly Recycled Yoga Wear

This eco-friendly yoga wear is made from 96% recycled nylon. This not only reuses a scrap material which would otherwise pollute our planet further, but also uses less water to make.

“Our premium Italian recycled nylon is GRS certified and it’s basically stronger and more durable than the highest standard conventional nylon. It’s made from pre-consumer textile waste that would otherwise go to the landfill, or worse. Plus, it takes 80% less water to make and creates 90% fewer CO2 emissions in comparison to the virgin fabric. Our nylon is breathable, lightweight and best of all, moisture wicking.”

Organic Basics

It looks and feels like regular yoga wear, but it makes me feel great that it hasn’t added to our environmental disaster. I’ve been wearing them to the gym, along with my VEJA ethically made sneakers and my House of Marley ethical headphones, both of which you can see more about here.

Organic Basics eco-friendly recycled yoga wear review

Apparently, over two thirds of the environmental impact of clothing is created during the wearing phase. This SilverTech™ Active recycled yoga wear is treated with Polygiene®. This is “a safe, bluesign® approved permanent fabric treatment made from recycled silver salt that keeps the fabric fresher for longer between washes. Basically it inhibits the growth of odour causing bacteria and it remains permanently on the fabric.” This means you can wear it more between washes, saving energy and water.

When I do need to wash it, I wash my recycled plastic yoga wear in my GuppyFriend Laundry Bag. This catches any micro plastics that shed as they are washed.

So, How Does Organic Basics Eco-Friendly Recycled Plastic Yoga Wear Look and Feel?

Both the SilverTech™ Active Leggings and the SilverTech™ Active Sports Bra are comfy to wear and easy to move in. They are ideal for Yoga as they don’t ride up or fall down, meaning less time adjusting my clothes, and more time trying to perfect my Downward Facing Dog. I love how the leggings are high waisted, they feel nice and supportive, without being restrictive.

I’ve worn them at the gym on the rowing machine and bike, and in Yoga and Pilates, and the leggings work perfectly for all kinds of activities. The bra is only suitable for low-impact activities like Yoga or Pilates, as it’s more of a crop top than a bra, and therefore not ever so supportive.

I chose the Black version, but it comes in Burgundy too.

If you’re keen to try a more sustainable clothing range, pop over to Organic Basics to see their lovely range.

 Looking for a sustainable alternative to yoga wear? Read my review of Organic Basics eco-friendly recycled yoga wear to see if it's what you're looking for.

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