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A Weekend in Hove: Food and Eco-Friendly Shopping

As a parent, I find it really important to get away by myself every now and then. As much as I love my girls, I need time to recharge and reset. It’s also vital to spend quality time with friends – not just a snatched conversation at the school gates. It’s good for Ryan to spend time with the girls by himself too, and also, he owes me from when he went to a festival for a weekend!

Last weekend I spent the weekend with two of my oldest and best friends in Hove where one of them lives. I haven’t been down for a year, so it was lovely to go back. So here are a few ideas of lovely things to do in Hove, mainly revolving around food and eco-friendly shopping!

Avocado on Toast

Lunch at The Flour Pot Bakery

You can’t go to Brighton or Hove and not have avocado on toast – it’s practically the law! We went to the Flour Pot Bakery and had delicious avo on sourdough. It’s a lovely cafe, and there is an interconnecting florist specialising in house plants. In my opinion that’s a great combination!

Eco-Friendly Shopping at Barnes + Binns

Next, we went to visit a newly opened eco-friendly shop in Hove called Barnes + Binns. It was set up by a friend and her business partner, and looks incredible. We spent ages in there browsing all their eco-friendly products, and bought some goodies that I’ve been after for a while. Check out how beautiful Barnes + Binns is:

Barnes + Binns shopfront in Hove

This is what I bought: a safety razor with blades and shaving soap in a metal tin for Ryan, soap to replace my body wash, a scrubbing pad, which I’m using instead of a soap dish, and a natural deodorant that I’ve had my eye on for a while.

Eco-friendly soaps, razor and deodorant from Barnes + Binns in Hove

Brownies and More Eco-Friendly Shopping

We then went to a lovely cafe for brownies and tea, and popped in to refill store Harriet’s of Hove.

I was pleased to find loose leave Earl Grey tea and it’s really delicious.

Pizza, Brunch and the Cinema

This is where my own photos stop. We had pizza at Amici in Hove, which was lovely, and went back to my friend’s flat.

Sunday was so wet and windy, we went to the cinema to see Downton Abbey, after a lovely brunch at Cafe Marmalade.

It was the loveliest relaxing weekend, and it’s always good when your time revolves around food, isn’t it!

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