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Life and Wellness Plans for 2018

Happy New Year! Did you have a nice time on New Year’s Eve? We had a little party and it was great fun. So now life is back to ‘normal’ with the girls back at school, my thought are turning to life and wellness plans for 2018. I am not really into New Year’s Resolutions. I don’t really like being told I can’t have things, or can’t do things, even if it’s  by myself! So instead I am making plans which involve doing more of things that are good for me, and that bring happiness. Hopefully by putting them down on paper, I’ll achieve some of them.

Life Plans

My freelance copywriting business has gone really well the past couple of years, and I have a list of clients I work for regularly. But being busier at work is not without drawbacks. I feel like I am constantly thinking about, or doing work, when one of the main reasons for going freelance was to spend more time with my family.

So I am going to try and work and blog less at weekend so I can be more present with our gorgeous girls, and try not to spread myself too thin.Piccalilly make great ethical Gifts for KidsThey are such great company, and now they are both at school I don’t see enough of them! These past two and a half weeks when they’ve been off school have been brilliant.

I also want to spend more time with Ryan as a couple. We had a great weekend in London for our tenth wedding anniversary last year, and it was so lovely to be just us again, even if we did miss the girls. We need to do a regular date night and plan to go to dance lessons too! It’s so easy to slip into that ‘team’ mentality where it’s all about getting family and life tasks done, rather than enjoying each other’s company.

We’re going to put aside some money at the start of each month to spend on our date, and then if we don’t use it, roll it over to the next month so we can do something extra nice. We are going to see Star Wars this weekend as our first date and can’t wait! Becky and Ryan Pink

Wellness Plans

I know it’s a cliche this time of year but lately, this has pretty much been my diet:

Confession: I have been pretty slack about going to the gym. Up to December I was pretty good, going two or three times a week. But in December, Ava was ill twice, I had tonnes of work on, plus all the Christmas planning, so I was only going about once a week (or less). You can read about my plans to be heathier here: I  really need to get back to that mindset!

Now I have my gorgeous Veja ethical trainers, Boody bamboo gym wear and even some ethical wireless headphones from House of Marley, (all gifted for previous reviews) I really have no excuse! I have been twice this week and managed a Pilates class, followed by a few miles on the treadmill (walking, not running, admittedly), a few on the bike and a session on the rowing machine. I was aching the next day but I did feel good. Becky Pink at David Lloyd

My back is still causing me quite a few problems, so I am looking at electronic back massagers. My brother in law has an amazing seat one, which I tried out on Boxing Day. I did not want to get up. I hope this also might help my headaches and migraines too. They are expensive, but the same as a few sessions at the Osteopath, so may well be worth the investment.

To help in my wellness journey, I am looking for a new activity tracker, which I actually want to wear. I have one, but I don’t wear it all the time as it looks so boring and functional. I have been eyeing up one of these stunning LEAF trackers from Bellabeat – this ‘smart jewellery’ looks as beautiful as as a bracelet or necklace, but has the functionality of a more traditional activity tracker. Plus they have guided meditations, which I think would be great for my stress levels.

Aren’t they beautiful? You can clip them onto clothes or wear them as a necklace or bracelet – so clever!

I’d like to use the lovely pool at our gym a bit more, but the leg shaving is making this more difficult than I’d like. My new swimming costume is gathering dust due to the constant defuzzing needed. I’m considering investing in a home laser hair removal device like this one from Tria. Have you tried one? I’d love to know what you think!

Creativity and Me Time Plans

This ties in with not spreading myself too thin, as I rarely rest and recharge my batteries. I find it hard to switch  my brain off! The only time I can do this is at Pilates or Yoga (as I have to concentrate on not falling over!) or when I’m doing some kind of creative activity. Last year I made a Christmas wreath, folded an origami lampshade, and arm knitted a throw. They were all AMAZING and I want to do more of these kind of workshops this year. A few months back, I made some simple embroidery hoop wreaths, which are still looking great. I want to be find time to do more of these little creative projects. How to make winter wreaths with emboridery hoops and foliage

I also want to read. Not even read more. Just read full stop!

I have lots of plans for our house too but will leave them for another post… Do you have any nice plans for 2018? Do you think mine are achievable? I’d love to hear your thoughts, please leave me a message!


  1. Vicki

    22nd January 2018 at 2:57 pm

    Love these intentions. I share lots of them- I’d like to read more than one book this year!!

    1. Becky Pink

      23rd January 2018 at 2:16 pm

      Thanks Vicki, it would be lovely to find the time, wouldn’t it! xx

  2. Sarah Cooke

    21st January 2018 at 8:17 pm

    Some lovely plans and intentions here

    1. Becky Pink

      21st January 2018 at 8:31 pm

      Thanks Sarah, I think it’s good to have a few ideas to start with even if I don’t manage them all! xx

  3. Charlotte

    21st January 2018 at 7:20 pm

    I love those wreaths! I want one!

    Also, thoroughly recommend The Life Changing Magic of Tidying up!

    1. Becky Pink

      21st January 2018 at 8:33 pm

      Thanks lovely! I need to juts find some time now…. xx

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