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BeBarefaced Mineral Cleanser Balm Review

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If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you’ll know I am a huge advocate of oil-based cleansing balms. Since using them, my skin has improved dramatically. Before you click away, thinking “that sounds like a sure-fire way to get spots” just wait a minute! I have combination skin that is prone to spots. I can safely say that even though it does sound counter-intuitive to add oil to oily skin, it is actually a great way to cleanse. This is because like dissolves like – oil dissolves the oil in our skin and also in make-up. You can read more about the oil cleansing method here. I prefer to use an oil-based balm cleanser as it’s much less messy, with the same results!

I have a favourite oil-based cleansing balm, which I reviewed recently – but it’s not the cheapest option. Recently, I’ve been using a more affordable oil-based cleansing balm, in the rather cute form of this BeBarefaced Mineral Cleanser Balm. Does it live up to my favourite cleansing balm? Read on to find out!

BeBarefaced Mineral Cleanser Balm Review

About BeBarefaced

BeBarefaced is a natural beauty brand. Their mission is to help us achieve barefaced confidence through the power of natural ingredients.

“If we don’t think it’s natural and doing some good then we don’t add it in! Our high performing formulas focus on carefully selected natural ingredients combined with antioxidants and essential oils, ensuring that our products are honest, natural and effective.”


They have a comprehensive range of beauty essentials at more affordable prices than many other natural beauty brands. For example their Hyaluronic Acid Serum is £14.99, which is a great price point. The BeBarefaced Mineral Cleanser Balm that I am reviewing here is £11.99 for 50ml. This tub has lasted two months, and I am fairly generous with my application.

About BeBarefaced Mineral Cleanser Balm

BeBarefaced Mineral Cleanser Balm contains detoxifying pink clay minerals which give it a lovely pale pink colour. It also contains coconut oil, sweet almond oil and grape seed oil which are all powerful moisturisers, plus lavender to calm. It smells lovely, though not at all overpowering.

“This hydrating deep cleansing balm is rich in rose clay minerals that detoxify and regenerate the skin, while lightly exfoliating and dissolving make up, grime and pollutants. On contact with skin this mineral balm transforms into a rich oil, locking in moisture to the skin’s surface.”


You can see how the solid balm is beginning to melt on my hand here.

BeBarefaced Mineral Cleanser Balm swatch on hand

How To Cleanse Using BeBarefaced Mineral Cleanser Balm

To thoroughly, yet gently cleanse your face using BeBarefaced Mineral Cleanser Balm:

  1. Remove eye make-up with a gentle eye make-up remover if you wear it. I love the eye make-up remover by Neal’s Yard Remedies which you can find here. The BeBarefaced balm does remove mascara, however it makes a bit of a mess of your face cloths. So I prefer to use a separate eye make-up remover.
  2. Scoop a small amount out of the tub and massage over dry skin. As it comes into contact with your skin, the balm melts into a rich oil. It feels lovely as it slides across your face.
  3. Use a warm, damp muslin washcloth or flannel to massage the oil, and all the dirt and make-up away. Repeat a few times to ensure you have removed it all. I like to use a flannel as it gives more exfoliation and holds the heat of the water better, but that might be too much for more sensitive skin types.
  4. Rinse skin with clean water and dry. I also like to sweep a gentle micellar water (I love this Micellar by Mossa) over my skin with a reusable cotton pad to make sure all traces are gone.

You can also use BeBarefaced Mineral Cleanser Balm as a weekly nourishing facial mask. I think this would be too moisturising for oily skin types, but great for dry skin.

BeBarefaced Mineral Cleanser Balm

The only thing I would change about this fab natural oil-based cleansing balm is the packaging. It comes in a plastic tub, so I would love to see them transition to more sustainable packaging such as glass or aluminium.

You can buy BeBarefaced Mineral Cleanser Balm here for £11.99.


  1. Mary

    22nd September 2019 at 8:20 am

    Superb review! Being a mom i need to up to dated. I am a dryer skin and this will be great for me.

    1. Becky Pink

      22nd September 2019 at 3:02 pm

      This could work so well for you, I hope it helps! X

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