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How to Refresh Your Summer Skin with Jalue Skincare Ice Therapy

We’re mid-way through summer here in the UK, and have had the most extraordinary heatwave. Aside from reaching for my copper desk fan, and cowering in air-conditioned shops or my gym, I have been cooling my skin with the my gym. These cooling, radiance-boosting mini ice facials are super refreshing and really get the circulation going.

Ultimate Skin Refresh with Jalue Skincare Ice Therapy

What is Jalue Skincare Ice Therapy?

From the picture, you’d be forgiven for thinking the Jalue Skincare Ice Therapy is some kind of drink. But I would not recommend drinking it! Jalue Skincare Ice Therapy is a set of four handmade herbal sachets, and a silicone mould, which looks like an ice pop mould. I have had to warn my girls not to try and eat it, as it looks exactly like an orange ice lolly from the outside!Cool and refresh hot summer skin with Jalue Skincare Ice Therapy kit

Jalue say their Skincare Ice Therapy “harnesses the natural healing power of chamomile, sage, nettle, rose and oak bark to: reduce puffiness,alm and tighten skin, lessen the size and appearance of pores, fight the formation of wrinkles and give skin a glowing appearance.”

Sounds good, doesn’t it? Jalue Skincare Ice Therapy is free from artificial colours, fragrances and preservatives, and are cruelty-free. The herbal sachets are hand-filled and hand-sewn by Anatolian women, which supports Anatolian communities.

How To Use Jalue Skincare Ice Therapy

It’s easy to use Jalue Skincare Ice Therapy:

1. Brew one of the herbal sachets in 100ml of boiling water until it cools

2. Pour into the orange silicone mould

3. Freeze

4. Push the frozen facial concoction up, like you would when eating a Calippo, and massage it over your cleansed face, every morning or eveningJalue Skincare Ice Therapy ready to use

5. Pat in the liquid and continue with your skincare regime, after returning the mould to the freezer

6. When you’ve used one ice pop up, use the next herbal sachet and repeat

Instructions for Jalue Skincare Ice Therapy Ultimate Skin Refresh

Does Jalue Skincare Ice Therapy Work?

Jalue Skincare Ice Therapy is certainly refreshing and invigorating. It is SO refreshing it makes your eyes water! I think it definitely gives an instant noticeable tightening of the skin and helps with the look of pores. It also makes skin glow. However, it’s a temporary effect, and I suspect you would get a similar effect from just using ice, or even brewing chamomile tea and using the mould. Coming in at £39 for the set, with four sachets, I think it’s rather expensive, though I have really enjoyed using it over this long, hot summer.

You can buy Jalue Skincare Ice Therapy from Love Lula through my affiliate link for £39 here.


  1. TN

    25th August 2018 at 6:34 pm

    This has nothing to do with the post proper, but I have to know. What gorgeous nail polish are you wearing?

    1. Becky Pink

      30th August 2018 at 9:25 am

      He he it’s actually a gel one from a salon. I normally don’t wear nail polish, or if I do I use a more natural one, but I had a wedding and a holiday so splashed out. xx

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