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Natural Lipstick Review: NATorigin Organic Lipstick

I’m on a mission to find the perfect natural lipstick. I have tried hundreds of normal lipsticks, but now that I am cutting chemicals out of my beauty regime, I have binned them all. I hate the idea that you end up pretty much eating them. A natural, organic lipstick seems like the logical choice to me.

I ordered the NATorigin Organic Lipstick in Coral* to test as part of the Love Lula Beauty Bloggers programme. Isn’t the packaging pretty? NATorigin Organic Lipstick Review


I chose ‘Coral’, because it’s my favourite colour. LoveLula describe it as ‘Brick Red’ so I thought that it would have a slightly orange undertone. It turns out Brick Red is the perfect description, as it’s actually too orange for me. I wish it had been more of a true coral shade but that’s my own fault for not believing the description!NATorigin Organic Lipstick Coral on handThe formula is rich, with a surprisingly strong colour payoff. NATorigin Organic Lipstick is also moisturising, feeling more like a lip balm than a lipstick.

Wearing NATorigin Organic Lipstick in Coral

It is unfortunately too orange for my cool skin tone, but has a lovely rich, moisturising finish.

It stains the lips well (see the first picture in the gallery below) and because it is so moisturising, it doesn’t dry out your lips like some lipsticks can.

I found it lasted a few hours before I needed to reapply, which I was perfectly happy with – I would rather reapply than rely on chemicals to bind colour to my lips! When I tried it with a lipliner it lasted even better.


NATorigin Organic Lipstick contains natural ingredients, and it’s lovely and moisturising.

Ingredients in NATorigin Organic Lipstick

It is free from parabens, preservatives, alcohol, gluten, chrome, colophane, essential oils, formol, lanolin, and nickel. This all-natural lipstick has also been approved by AllergyUK.

NATorigin Organic Lipstick costs £17.75 from LoveLula, and has won seven Best Organic Lipstick Awards. It comes in six shades, so although this shade isn’t right for me, I will be investigating the other colours.

Coral NATorigin Organic Lipstick

So have you found a natural lipstick that you like? I’d love to hear about it in the comments!

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