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How to Make Magical Jam Jar Lights

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Here is a quick and easy DIY to make magical jam jar lights with LED string lights. They make a great little gift for children, or even for grown ups, and these lights are the perfect way to use old jam jars. I’ve made these jam jar lights for my children’s new den and will put them out with their stockings for Christmas Eve.

Magical Fairy Light Jam Jar Lights

What You’ll Need to Make Jam Jar Lights

Making jam jar lights is really quick and easy. You’ll just need the following items:

How to make jam jar lights with fairy lights

I used some old glass drinks cups, which the girls never use any more, but any jam or sauce jar will do nicely. Just make sure the battery pack will fit into the lid with enough space for it to close. My LED lights are from Lakeland but they are available online too.

Lakeland LED Light Strings

How To Make Jam Jar Lights

It’s really easy to make your lights, just follow these simple instructions:

  1. Spray the jar lids.

    If you want to spray your jam jar lid, do this in a well-ventilated area. Spray on a few light, even coats and let dry in between.

  2. Stick the LED lights to the lids.

    The lights I have had a velcro sticker in them, but if not, a small ball of blu-tack will do nicely. Make sure you have enough space around the edge to screw the lid on, and to be able to turn the lights on.

  3. Feed the lights in to the jar.

    Turn the lights on, and feed the string into the jar. Screw on the lid.

  4. Decorate the jar with chalk pen.

    If you like, write or draw on the jar with a chalk pen to make it even more personal. It’s easy to wash chalk pen off if you don’t like your design.

How to make jam jar lights with LED string lights

Ava loved her new light.

The soft glow these jam jar lights give out means they’re the perfect night lights for younger children. Just make sure you remember to turn them off!

Check out this blog post for more ideas on how to decorate for Christmas with energy-saving fairy lights.

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How to make Magical Jam Jar Lights. A quick and easy DIY that makes a great gift.

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