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Easy Indulgent Chocolate Cornflake Easter Nests

We’ve been busy in the kitchen, making some super-easy (and very, very yummy) no-bake Easter treats. Chocolate cornflake Easter nests, with Cadbury’s Mini Eggs, are great to make with kids. Of course you can just melt chocolate and mix it with cornflakes, but my recipe is a more gooey version that makes them extra special.Easy 5 ingredient chocolate cornflake Easter nests

How To Make Chocolate Cornflake Easter Nests


  • 200g bar of chocolate
  • 50g butter
  • 3 tablespoons of golden syrup
  • 100g of cornflakes
  • Cadbury mini eggs to decorate

Just gently melt a 200g bar of chocolate – milk or plain both work well, but kids tend to prefer milk chocolate in my experience. 50g butter and 3 tablespoons of golden syrup together. I did this very slowly in a saucepan over the hob, but it’s probably better to do it over a simmering pan of hot water. Stir in 100g of cornflakes and you get this gooey, crunchy load of deliciousness. This mix makes enough for around 12 good sizes nests.

I also added in some flakes of sea salt, as we all love a bit of chocolate and salt, mmmm.

Next just scoop the mixture into 12 paper cake cases. I put them into a muffin tin to help them keep their shape, and to a make it easier for the girls to fill them.

Ava and Thea were keen to help!

Decorate Your Chocolate Cornflake Easter Nests

Finally, add a couple of Mini Eggs and a chick and your nests are good to go. You could also add on a sprinkle of desiccated coconut if you like.

The girls were very proud of their chocolate cornflake Easter nests.

And so am I! The house smells lush too.Easy 5 Ingredient Chocolate Cornflake Easter Nests

Have you ever made chocolate cornflake Easter nests? If not, why not Pin this recipe for later?

How to make easy 5 ingredient chocolate cornflake Easter Nests that will keep kids and adults very happy this Easter. No baking needed!





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