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Beauty on a Budget: 1

Why is it that all your beauty products run out at once?

This week I have been spectacularly unlucky: over the past few days my day cream, primer and facial scrub have all run out, I’ve had to cut open my facial cleansing balm to get out the last few day’s worth,  my night cream is feeling suspiciously light and my foundation is running very low too. Argh!

The empty bottles of skincare past

The empty bottles of skincare past

January is the worst time for this to happen, right?

For me it’s especially bad as I have recently given up a perfectly great job, to spend more time with my girls, so I am on a budget that does not run to £26.50 face cream.

I try to use organic and natural products as much as I can (I got into this when I was pregnant with Ava, when it dawned on me that all the chemicals and man-made concoctions I put on my skin would potentially leach into my unborn child too, eek!) but sadly these products are way more expensive than their high street alternatives.

I just added up what it would cost to replace all these much-loved products… deep breath… £102.44! Yikes! This is based on their RRPs – the links below take you to the places I would actually buy them, including the fantastic site where you can make significant savings. Bookmark it now!

If you are feeling a bit flush (lucky you!) and would like to try any of these products, I can highly recommend all of them. They may not be bargains, but they do, I believe, offer value for money as they all last a very very long time.

You can buy them here:

bareMinerals Prime Time Foundation Primer

Kimberly Sayer Ultra Light Organic Facial Moisturiser SPF30

bareMinerals SPF15 Original Foundation

Green People Fruitful Nights Night Cream

So what am I to do? I can skip the primer, as I’m not working in an office now so don’t need to look so polished. I can’t really skip foundation, but I do have a drawer full of half-used make-up, so I can have a root around to find one of the many not-quite-right formulas I have tried and discarded. But the rest pose a problem.

A quick Google of ‘make your own cleansing balm’ throws up thousands of recipes but they all need loads of ingredients, and seem like a bit of a faff. Maybe something to try another time.

I stumbled across this thread on mums net which suggests using Waitrose Baby Bottom Butter. Well, as a good middle-class mum, I happen to have a virtually unused pot of that (I didn’t find it very good on my girls’ bottoms)  so I will try that and post an update soon! If it does’t work, I’ll give the Superdrug one a try.

So next, the facial scrub. Now, I am very  picky about my scrubs. They can’t be too grainy, but I need to feel them working. The bareMinerals one is perfect for me, as it’s a fine powder that you mix with a dab of water, then massage in. The more powder you use, the more exfoliating it is, so you can adjust it to your skin’s needs. So finding a home made alternative is going to be hard. Cue this exciting post on with 25 uses for Epsom salt, including a facial scrub where you mix it with your favourite cleanser. Easy and cheap. I looked it up on and it’s £1.49 for 200g, and if I don’t get on with it, I can always try one of the 24 other uses!

But I don’t think making my own day or night cream would be a good idea. Especially as, after literally years of searching, these are both perfect for my breakout-prone skin. Still, I guess if I just buy them, I’ll have saved around £63 but not replacing the rest, so not too bad, right?

Let me know how you save money on beauty products, I’d love to hear your tips!

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