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How To Live Without A Kitchen (Without Going Bonkers)

Sponsored post. There is much upheaval and excitement in the Pink house, as we prepare for our new kitchen to be installed. It’s arriving next week, but the old kitchen is being ripped out tomorrow. So we will have to live without a kitchen for about two weeks, argh!


I had a big list of things to organise, and it involves a lot of boxes! This is how we went about preparing for living with no kitchen for a few weeks.


I tackled my baking supplies cupboard first, as our oven finally broke last week (couldn’t it have just hung on for another week or two?) The last thing I’d want to do at the moment is bake a cake anyway. Our home office is now a holding area for IKEA boxes full of baking tins and ingredients. Storing baking goods before installing a new kitchen


It’s daunting, as there is so much of it! We stacked as much as possible in the walk in larder, which I cleared out earlier this week. This is the result:

We hate our kitchen but think we might miss it as we live without a kitchenARGH! I keep looking at our kitchen plans to remind myself what we’re gaining from this disruption. Our new monochrome kitchen plansGuess how many cans of tomatoes were in the cupboard? Eighteen. EIGHTEEN! Hoarder much? Pantry shelves with loads of cans of food

Plenty of pesto and tomato soup too… at least we’re prepared for Armageddon! Some of our crockery, and pans went in, along with things like vases, the food processor, the waffle maker and coffee machine.


We’ve moved our dining table and chairs to one end of our lounge. We wheeled our old fridge/freezer in there too, along with the microwave and kettle. Microwave and kettleMy turquoise IKEA trolley is full of breakfast stuff, and sandwich fillings.

Our temporary lounge kitchen whilst we live without a kitchen

We didn’t  want to damage our living room floor, so we’ve got a few sheets of Antinox surface protection from Homebase. It’s a bit like corrugated cardboard, but more durable. Each sheet is 2.4m x 1.2m, and you can stick them down with tape.

Antinox floor covering for our kitchen refit

My dad’s lending me this portable induction hob, (you can find a similar one on Amazon*) so we can heat up beans and soup.

Portable induction hob, an essential when you're installing a new kitchenI also have my new life saving pressure cooker. Pop over to enter my competition for the chance to win you own!

Luckily we have a downstairs toilet, so we can use that tap for filling the kettle. The sink is so teeny that we won’t be able to use it for washing up or anything. I hope to be able to leave our dishwasher plumbed in for at least part of the time.

I did contemplate this excellent Sunnersta Mini Kitchen from IKEA, which is a brilliant solution.IKEA Sunnersta Mini Kitchen It would make life so much easier! But it does seem like an unneccessary extravagance really. Surely we can cope for a couple of weeks?


The final thing on my list is booking a gas boiler service for after the new kitchen is fitted. We got a new boiler when we moved in, as the old one was ancient, but we have only had it serviced once since then. It sits in one of the cupboards, and we have got a new larder-style cupboard coming, which will cover it up again.Boiler in a cupboard

After the kitchen is fitted, I’m going to find a gas engineer like Watertite plumbers in Bristol to service it, to make sure that it is all still OK, and will get them to look at our gas fire whilst they’re at it. The last thing we need is a leak, or being without hot water or heating!


I’m quite apprehensive about being without a kitchen for several weeks, especially as I have the girls to feed. I’ve been asking for advice from my wise followers on my Facebook page, and they had some good ideas:

Ideas about how to live without a kitchen

Sadly it’ll be a bit cold for a BBQ. So we will be eating a lot of sandwiches and microwave meals. Luckily the girls have their dinner at after school club two days a week. We have two birthdays this week so that’s a good excuse to go out for dinner, twice. It does mean I can’t make birthday cakes though. Then there is always our local Domino’s and Chinese Takeaway!

Do you have any tips for living with out a kitchen? I’d love to hear them!

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