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Bring The Beach To Your Bathroom With Nautical Style Suggestions

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When it comes to choosing a theme for the bathroom, coastal style is one trend that never seems to go out of fashion. Are you hoping to evoke memories of a holiday spent on exotic shores when you step into the shower? Want your next home décor project to bring the sound of soothing ocean waves to your bathroom space? 

Nautical styling can be as relaxed or as formal as you like, from splashes of ocean shades through to seaside textures and accessories. Here are just a few ways you can channel that ‘at the beach’ feeling from the comfort of your bathroom.

Tiled bathroom with subtle natural nautical touches

Select A Nautical Palette

The splashing waves that lap the shores may come in shades of blue, but you don’t need to stick to blue hues to set a nautical palette. In fact, neutral shades can be just as beach inspired and leave you with lots of styling options. They also give you a great base to work with when it comes to adding accessories later. Pebble grey and sandy beige colours can make for a relaxing backdrop when used on walls or floors. Or how about a crisp white bathroom that takes its inspiration from Californian beach houses? 

Pebble beach

Want to bring some of the lesser-used beach colours into play? Muted pastel seashell pinks work well with seaweed shades or for a warmer, softer look. Want something bold and dramatic? Channel stormy seas and skies with navy paired with silver or gold. Looking for something bright and beautiful? Why not go with the bold colours of traditional British beach huts?

Select Sail-worthy Materials

Do you want to feel all at sea when you step into the tub for a soak? Try setting the scene with natural materials, such as wood or tiles. Sun-bleached wooden flooring can give the feeling of boat decking or a boardwalk. Use whitewashed wood panelling around your sink and bath to complete the look. Want your bath to look the part too? Try a vintage tin bath in line with the trend Pinterest tips to be one of the biggest DIY looks of the year, or how about a stylish steel tub?

Bring The Beach To Your Bathroom With Nautical Style Suggestions

Aiming for a luxe-look bathroom space? Floor tiles are back to being big news in bathrooms right now, choose patterned tiles to match your theme. Or if your budget allows, a sparkling mosaic surrounding a sunken bathtub will provide a truly ocean-inspired shimmering finish.

Layer Your Seaside Accessories

A message in a bottle displayed on your cosmetics shelf, beach hut-patterned blinds or a seashell-embellished mirror… Layering your seaside accessories allows you to be as subtle or bold as you like. Will your finishing touches be a piece of driftwood or a seaside quote to inspire you as you relax in a bubble bath? Or would you prefer a set of fluffy striped towels? Use your choices to bring in the textures and colours you associate with the beach to create your own seaside haven.

Use driftwood to inject some beach chic to your bathroom

Evoke The Senses

Get the décor right and your bathroom should have a beach feel, but does it smell and sound like the seaside? In a recent survey, 66% of homeowners said they’d like mood lighting built into their tub. Respondents also indicated that a built-in scent mist dispenser was on their bathroom renovation wish list too. If these updates sound a little out of your budget, think about smaller touches to help you evoke the senses and tap into that feeling of beachside tranquillity. An ocean waves playlist for your smart speaker or a seaside scented candle or room mist spray could help bring you a little closer to the beach sensory experience.

Scented candles and natural beauty products in a monochrome bathroom

Layered bathroom lighting can also hint at those beautiful beachside sunsets and sunrises. If mood lighting set into the tub and bath surround are too expensive, consider a combination of wall and ceiling lighting. Layering lighting is a great way to set your space up for its multiple uses. Use brighter lighting in the morning to help create a sunshine effect as you get ready for the day ahead. And dim down the lighting for a calming, night-time bath to help you wind down at the end of the day.

Do you love nautical themed spaces? Would you like to bring the beach to your bathroom? Or would you choose another room in your home to transform with a little seaside styling?


  1. acornishmum

    3rd July 2019 at 8:57 am

    I love the nautical look, we can see the sea from our upstairs windows so that’s our current ‘nautical look’ ha! x

    1. Becky Pink

      3rd July 2019 at 11:31 am

      Oooh you lucky thing! It’s nice to be reminded of the sea for those of us who are unlucky enough to be landlocked like me! Xx

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