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June Love Lula Natural Beauty Box Review

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Welcome to my review of the latest Love Lula Natural Beauty Box for June. This month’s natural beauty box contains full-sized products from NAT origin and Ayumi, a travel sized one from FOM London, plus a sample from Madara. Together they are valued at £48, which is lower than usual. It costs a regular subscriber £14.95, including postage, so I think it’s still great value. You’ll also get a code for 25% off the brands featured in the box. You can use this until the 10th of the following month. I was surprised to find two of the same brands in this box as last month (Ayumi and Madara). However, Madara is on of my favourite brands, so I don’t mind. So which were my favourite products? Read on to find out.

June Love Lula Natural Beauty Box Review

FOM London Anti-Pollution Hydra-Plump Serum

I’ve recently finished my last serum, which I loved (read about it here) so it’s perfect timing that I have a new one to try. FOM London products are handmade in London. They don’t contain synthetic fragrances, parabens, mineral oils, silicones, sulphates, propylene glycol, formaldehyde, urea, mercury, lead, or colours.

“Water light, fragrance free serum works on 3 levels – to attract, bind and prevent moisture loss on skin whilst at the same time helping skin fight against pollution effects. Skin looks plumped, hydrated and fresh.”

FOM London
FOM London Anti-Pollution Hydra Plum Serum from the June Love Lula Natural Beauty Box

This serum is so light, it feels like thick water, if that makes sense! There’s no hint of oiliness and it sinks straight in. This serum also packs a powerful hydration punch thanks to the hyaluronic acid. Despite it’s scary-sounding name it’s just a natural powerful moisture magnet. It’s a great non-greasy serum and I’m enjoying using it.

You can buy the full sized FOM London Hydra Plump Serum for £46 here.

Ayumi Intensive Hair Conditioning Treatment

It was a nice surprise to get a hair treatment in this month’s natural beauty box, as I don’t think there’s been one before. This one is from a Ayumi, an Ayurveda-inspired brand, made in the UK.

“This intensive nourishing hair treatment helps to replenish lost moisture and nurture tired hair. Renowned in Ayurveda, java grass is used to strengthen hair and rejuvenate the scalp, while quassia, sacred lotus and Indian lilac help to purify. Dry hair is revitalised with vitamins E, C and enriching coconut and avocado.
No SLS, no parabens and no mineral oil.”

Ayumi Intensive Hair Conditoning Treatment from the June Love Lula Natural Beauty Box

It smells of coconut and feels lovely and rich. The treatment rinses out really well, but my hair didn’t really look or feel any softer or smoother to be honest. It did smell great though! However, when I used it before my shampoo, it worked better. I will keep on using it, but doubt I’ll buy it again.

You can buy Ayumi Intensive Hair Conditioning Treatment for £8.99 here.

NATorigin Mascara & Pencil Eyeliner Duo

I was excited to see two pieces of make-up in June’s Love Lula Natural Beauty Box. Both in black, there is a mascara suitable for sensitive eyes, and a pencil eyeliner.

“NATorigin is a multi award winning, hypo-allergenic and natural range formulated for extremely sensitive eyes and skin. We are currently the only brand to be approved by Allergy UK to be beneficial to allergy sufferers. Our high performance products are designed to be as gentle as possible through a special production process while sourcing ingredients from natural (minimum 97%) sources.”

NATorigin mascara and eyeliner from the June Love Lula Natural Beauty Box

NATorigin Lengthening Mascara

The 89.5% natural mascara is great for everyday wear, giving a nice level length, and a little volume. It’s easy to apply without smudging, as it’s not too wet.

Here I am wearing one, and two coats of NATorigin Lengthening Mascara:

As you can, see, adding a second coat make a visible difference. I did notice quite a bit of flaking and smudging towards the end of the day, which you can see in this picture. It definitely isn’t waterproof (though it doesn’t claim to be) and as I have hayfever which makes my eyes water, I did find that it runs.

Wearing two coats of NATorigin Lengthening Mascara for Sensitive Eyes at the end of the day

It’s great that it’s approved by Allergy UK, and is suitable for sensitive eyes. So I’d say it’s a good option if you find other mascaras too irritating, unless you have watery eyes.

For me though, it just doesn’t give as much lash impact as my favourite natural mascaras, so I wouldn’t buy it again. If you want to read my reviews, they are here: PHB Ethical Beauty All In One Mascara, and INIKA Long Lash Vegan Mascara.

You can buy NATorigin Lengthening Mascara for £15.95 here.

NATorigin Pencil Eye Liner

I definitely won’t be repurchasing the eyeliner. On the plus side, it is 100% natural, it’s soft, smooth and easy to blend. However it is smudgetastic and not very pigmented.

A few hours later, and it had mostly faded or smudged away. I am disappointed with this liner and this has unfortunately put me off trying other products from NATorigin. If you are looking for a great natural eyeliner, check out my review of this fab natural liquid eyeliner.

Madara Sunscreen Sample

The final product in the June Love Lula Beauty Box is a sample of Madara Sun20 Weightless Sun Milk SPF20. I actually already have the full size version of this lovely sun cream.

“Light as air, this weightless sun protection milk delivers safe and effective, yet invisible and insensible broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection for body, hands and face, holding back sunburn, dark spots and photoageing.”

Madara Sun Milk Sachet

It really is the lightest texture, just like applying a body lotion, thanks to its aloe vera base. And there’s no white caste left on the skin, which I find happens with most natural suncare. Ideally I would prefer SPF30, but I presume that adding more protection would turn it from light sun milk to more of a heavy cream texture.

You can buy Madara Sun20 Weightless Sun Milk for £22.95 here.

Want to Try the Love Lula Natural Beauty Box?

Although this month’s Love Lula Beaut Box wasn’t my favourite, I still think it’s great value. For the cost of it (£14.95) if you only like a couple of the products, it’s still saving you quite a bit. And usually I like the majority of the contents. You can order your own Love Lula Beauty Box here, and look forward to your own box of natural beauty treats coming to your door.

Recommendations for Using Your 25% Discount

If you subscribe to the Love Lula Beauty Box, you’ll have a 25% discount code for the featured brands. So here are some links to previous reviews of products from NATorigin and Madara, to help you decide what to treat yourself to.

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