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Review: February Love Lula Natural Beauty Box

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Welcome to my review of the latest Love Lula Natural Beauty Box for February. This month’s beauty box contains full-sized products from My.Haircare, Laidbare, Oils of Heaven and Ayumi. Together they are valued at £44. I think that’s good value as it costs a regular subscriber £14.95, including postage. You also get a code for 25% off the brands featured in the box. You can use this until the 10th of the following month. So which were my favourite products in the February Love Lula Natural Beauty Box? Read on to find out.

My. Haircare Rescue My Hair Pollution Patrol Shampoo Bar Review

This month we got something new in our boxes – a shampoo bar! I really like it when we get something a little different, and although I have used (and like) another shampoo bar from My. Haircare, this variety is a new one for me. I used their Hydrate bar before, and this time I got the Pollution Patrol bar, which you can buy here for £13.95.

This hand made, soap-free shampoo bar claims to remove build-up and pollutants. It contains purifying oat protein and is fragrance with cucumber and violet. I can only really smell violet, which makes it smell rather old-fashioned in my opinion, but it’s a milder fragrance than the other one I’ve tried which was super strong and scents the whole bathroom!

Shampoo bars are much better for the environment than regular shampoo in plastic bottles. It takes less water to produce shampoo bars, and use less to use them, so it’s a win/win. This one comes in a recyclable cardboard box, which can also be used to store the bar in.

You do need to take care of a shampoo bar, allowing it to dry out after use so it doesn’t go mushy. I find these bars last a pretty long time (this is my third) so am really pleased to have found them.

This shampoo bar doesn’t contain any palm oil, SLS/SLES, sodium hydroxide, silicones or parabens. This shampoo bar lathers really well, and leaves hair nice and clean, without feeling stripped. I use it with the conditioner form the same brand, which is my favourite. It also works well as a first wash, before using the My. Haircare tinted shampoos. I like this bar even more than the Hydrate one. Although I’m not overly keen on the fragrance, it doesn’t last long.

Laidbare For Richer for Porer Masque and DIY! Cleanser Review

Laidbare is a brand that pops up quite regularly in the Love Lula natural beauty boxes and it’s a brand I like. I’ve tried most of their products before and you can read my review of the Laidbare brand as a whole here.

Laidbare For Richer For Porer Masque and DIY Cleanser

Laidbare For Richer for Porer Pore Minimizer Facial Masque is good for oily/combination skin like mine, working well at drawing out impurities. This does mean, however that it can cause the odd spot. My advice is to use with caution if you have a big event coming up! 

I’m pleased to have a travel-sized Laidbare DIY! Two in One Cleanser & Toner, for holidays. It’s one of my favourite face washes and you can read my full review of this budget-friendly cleanser here.

In brief, I love the scent, it foams nicely and leaves skin feeling clean, yet not stripped. I think calling it a cleanser and toner is a bit of a gimmick, it’s just a face wash. But it’s a good one, at a great price.

You can buy the full-size Laidbare DIY! Two in One Cleanser & Toner here for £6.99.

Ayumi Turmeric Face Scrub Review

This Turmeric Face Scrub is another travel-sized product, and one that I’ve used before. It contains bamboo powder to exfoliate skin and I like it enough to take it on holiday, but probably won’t buy it again.

OOH! Oils Of Heaven Raspberry Seed Oil Review

I have facial oils coming out of my ears – they come in so many Love Lula natural beauty boxes! Come on guys, give it a rest! Although this oil is lovely, I would really like a break from face oils, as I only have one face and there’s no way I can use them all. You only use a few drops, so even if you use them every night, like I do, they take ages to use up.

Want to Try the Love Lula Natural Beauty Box?

I don’t think you can beat the value of the Love Lula Natural Beauty Box. For the cost of it (£14.95) even if you only like a couple of the products, it’s still saving you lots. You can order your own Love Lula Beauty Box here,

Recommendations for Using Your 25% Discount

If you subscribe to the Love Lula Beauty Box, you’ll have a 25% discount code for the featured brands. I love Infuse My Colour shampoos – I’ve used the Ruby wash to make my hair pink, which you can read about here. I’m using the purple one on my bleached blonde hair to keep it looking fresh, and to neutralise any orangey tones.

I love both these shampoos, and they do several tones for different hair colours.

Infuse my Colour Ruby Shampoo

You can read my review of many Laidbare products here – some are fantastic (the Eye Cream and Vitamin E Serum, as well as the face wash) . But some are not as great, so do have a read if you’re thinking of buying something!

Natural Brand Focus: Laidbare Naturally Inspired Skincare clean skincare review

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